Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reminders and Steampunk stuff

My occasional reminder that the content of this blog is at and some pages are NSFW.

Recent posts are all about my coverage of the 2015 Steampunk World's Fair. Lots of podcasts to post from that and written recaps of lectures. If you've never been to a convention, this is worth considering. There's a lot of convenience by having hotel-based cons. And basically this is an awesome time filled with constant music, freakshow performances, aerialists, and non-stop panels.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Reminder: Everything is happening at now

If you're still checking this site for archives, that's wonderful! My old process photos might be there but back when I started out on blogger the images were hosted off-site so a lot of the photos and links are broken. If you're looking for a specific costume tutorial, it's best to check

Yesterday was the first time in THREE years that I carved a new pumpkin. I can't believe it's been that long. I've had a terrible time at dealing with life and hobbies that I love to do like carving pumpkins and making costumes and even cooking are things I have to force myself to do. And I haven't returned to cooking yet for other reasons.

So in 2014, there's been progress for me that seems tiny and impressive compared to the years when I could make four or five costumes and then carve three pumpkins. Those days might never return.

In the world of writing, things picked up a bit this year. It takes forever to get even a few comic book pages illustrated when you don't have the funds or a full-time artist. However, I do have a small story in the RISE: COMICS AGAINST BULLYING kickstarter with my friend Carolyn Belefski. We're not running the actual campaign though so if you have any feedback about the reward tiers or questions about the project, you should direct them to Zan at Northwest Press, the publisher of the anthology. It's a pretty amazing project. One of the creators of the TV show Arrow, Marc Guggenheim is one of the contributors. If we get funded, I get to say I was in a book with him and that's incredible.

Vodka O'Clock is being produced whenever I can manage the interviews or convention coverage. That's available on, iTunes or Stitcher.

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Costume: Adam Hughes "Women of DC" Wonder Woman

Overall this entire ensemble only took about a week to work on if I were to total all the time and sum it up but I was collecting pieces for it for years. The gown and accessories I had to create were about four days. It’s based on the famous poster by Adam Hughes titled WOMEN OF DC and features all the popular ladies in white formalwear except dear Selina Kyle who was added after the fact so he put her in all black (according to some old interview I read). I’ve never been statuesque so beingWonder Woman was something I always did out of my love for her image and what she represents. She can be compassionate but by far the fiercest warrior of the Justice League (maybe next to Shiera/Hawkgirl would be a interesting tie).

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jersey Comic Con Dec 13-15

There’s a brand spanking new comic con on the calendar and it’s actually in New Jersey! The Garden State, while home to many creators, has never had a great comic convention. There was an attempt made earlier this year for the Asbury Park Comic Con but honestly, I wasn’t impressed and look forward to seeing the new changes those organizers have for 2014. However, right now, there is the Hammonton show on December 13-15 called the JERSEY COMIC CON

I have some trepidations right off the bat about this show and I hope that despite my concerns, the show will be very successful because this state is desperate for a comic con. I’m concerned about launching as a three-day show. This is ballsy. You should start with one day, maybe two and see how well things go. I love a good one-day show. I makes traveling a whole lot easier and more affordable. With a small show, you can cover the floor in a day without a problem and have one night for after parties. Nothing wrong with that. But JCC is launching with 3 DAYS. More power to them but to me that’s a rookie mistake.

This is not a “comic” con. It’s definitely a “pop culture” con. Half the slated guests are actors and entertainers who are not comic book creators. The great thing is that the comic creators they do have booked are amazingly talented people that love the medium, support each other’s work, and are happy to meet fans. So if Philadelphia and New York shows have been off your schedule because of the cost or difficulty in traveling to them, JCC will have a fair amount of the same people and you won’t have the insane crowds to deal with in order to meet those creators. Speaking of the comic creators, here’s just a sampling: Neal Adams, Arthur Suydam, Neil Vokes, The Living Corpse crew, Jay Fife, Primo Cardinalli, Jim Kuhoric, Jeff Zornow and Mark Texeira. I will be assisting my dear friend Primo and booth hopping from time to time as I normally do so you might catch me at the Living Corpse booth which is my favorite booth at every show. Since one of my best mates in the world, Jay Fife will be there, he'll have prints of the piece where I modeled as a steampunk Bride of Frankenstein in one of his exceptionally illustrated pieces. I'd be thrilled to sign it for anyone that picks it up.

I don’t know if the organizer gave any thought to diversifying the guest list to include some female blood but there aren’t any comic book women slated as guests only vendors. People, it’s almost 2014. Get your shit together and invite other women besides actresses and models, such as both prominent and up-and-coming comic creators to your shows. Hey, I certainly love seeing my fellow models out there but I'm also a writer and would love to see other women in the industry get some support by having them as guests not only vendors. It's not exclusively a problem with this new show; in fact, because it's new I'm more forgiving. Shows like Baltimore and Philly need to fix this problem in 2014. Baltimore has one female guest slated so far out of 35 guests announced.

Hammonton, New Jersey? I’ve lived in this state my entire life (minus one year) and have no idea where the hell Hammonton is. The convention will be in a catering hall. The lodging is only motels in this area and they are half a mile or more away. There’s not a single hotel on Google Maps which means no hotel bar for people to hit after hours. It reminds me of the Pittsburgh con which is not in Pittsburgh; it’s in Monroeville and you have to leave the expo center and drive to be anywhere for food but at least there’s one hotel everyone stays in and it has a good bar. So far, the best con cities for me have been Baltimore and Philadelphia though I hear Chicago is outstanding. According to Wikipedia, Hammonton is smack in between Atlantic City and Philadelphia so if you are a day tripper and want to venture out after seeing the con, that is something to consider. If you’re tabling at the con, however, the hours are too long to really venture out and enjoy other cities.

Finally, has anyone heard of this show? No. They have not done a thing to promote it. The social media is not active nor engaging. I haven’t seen any podcast bloggers mention it on their feeds which means it’s not being mentioned on their shows. It’s 20 degrees in New Jersey in December. People need to know there is something to do, where it is, and what to expect. I’m not seeing any of that in terms of PR for this con. There is a Drink & Draw scheduled to be hosted by the talented Tommy Castillo. On Saturday night they have a costume party planned for an additional ticket price. There’s no information on the website clarifying where those events are being held so I can only assume they are in the same catering hall as the con itself.

Incidentally, “First Annual” anything is really bad grammar. It’s first or inaugural but it’s not an annual anything until you have it again.

Help me and all these great creators make this Jersey show a huge success! Come out this weekend and pick up some original art, prints, get drawn as a zombie by the Corpse boys, and have fun.