Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome to Hero Fashions!

For pre-made Halloween type of costumes just check or anniescostumes which will even have children's and pet sizes.


    * The visor can't be found. I searched for weeks every day before Halloween and could not find one in an adult size. [Edit]: Found the visor at MPM Costumes.
    * Red Quartz glasses -- the actual ones worn in the film were limited edition and will run you as much as $600 (Oakley Juliets on ebay), however, you can get red lens sunglasses at places like Hot Topic. Because the Oakleys were limited in quantity, you can even find just the replacement lenses in ruby will cost a fortune. The Oakley frames are even called "X-Metal" but can be found in other varieties like black or charcoal. Wear with caution! You will be unable to read traffic lights, brake lights etc - anything where you need to differentiate between red & green.
    * Motorcycle jacket from the movies - found a replica at which uses ebay as a storefront.
If the link breaks go to their main site. At the time of posting, the link goes directly to an actual item for sale on ebay.

    * Motorcycle jacket from the movies - found at the same ebay store as the Cyclops jacket,
    * Claws - for other than plastic Halloween claws, check out real costume makers like Xtreme Design FX.

Sabertooth (and other fanged creatures):
* Fangs - better than those plastic glow-in-the-dark ones in vending machines.

The Matrix
* Sunglasses - there are tons of places that have knock-offs or replicas of the many glasses worn in the three movies. Here's a place that has them at pretty cheap prices compared to what the real designer versions go for.

Golden & Silver Age Comics
If your hero or villain requires a fair amount of shiny spandex, start with a dance leotard.

BlackCerenity specializes in anime costumes but this is the place where I got my Rogue costume (classic green & yellow).

General Costume Effects:
* Xtreme Design FX - prosthetics, latex, masks, custom costumes, chest logos, capes & cowls, adamantium claws and other fantastic stuff. Judging by their customer list expect to pay top dollar but you can easily see the quality of their work in the gallery. If all you need is an excellent chest logo to attach to your own suit, it might not be so bad.
* Contact Lenses - be very careful about considering special fx lenses. The FDA has warned consumers that they should never wear lenses that aren't custom made for your own eyes. There are tons of choices on the market for quality lenses but you should see an eye doctor first to get your eyes properly measured. The best thing to do is look up the lenses online just to see which ones you want but then take the information to a local optometrist. You can find quality lenses in every design/pattern from vampire looks to cat eyes to smiley faces (I'm not kidding). For the best gallery online check out Lensquest.
Just because you're fighting evil doesn't mean you can't look good while doing it. ~Amber, TechSupport Stylist

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