Friday, February 09, 2007

My own costume for crimefighting

Whoop! I did it. I actually sewed an entire outfit. It was much easier than that damn blouse I messed up twice! All the images are in my personal GALLERY of images along with my other sewing project images.

In case you don't know who Amber is, here is my brief bio:

I'm your Tech Support fashion designer & stylist. I make sure Feedback and the crews have the right outfits for their missions. I constantly look for the latest in tactical gear that will be practical, non-obtrusive, and stealth. My hardest quest so far was for gloves that would allow the wearer to still pick up pennies from the ground. I'm also an empath with developing powers to detect suffering and telepathy. I manage (in a very hands-off way) the Creative Arts department.

I'm the human companion to Caicó, the Power Princess. She's assigned to support Wolf-Girl and the Recon team. Her immense talent for creating clouds of shedded fur can immobilize foes within the area; any with asthma are particularly weakened. She can teleport and has hyperspeed for short distances but then requires 18 hours of sleep.

I'm also an admin/mod of sorts on the Kamikaze board and gallery.

Strangely enough, I have noticed over the past six or seven months, that pilates has done outstanding wonders with my ass. However, my big fat giant roll of a gut will not go away and these pictures of me in a tight bodysuit (over a girdle) are proof. I hate myself from the front but I guess I can't walk backwards through the entire NY Comic Con. I so wish I could borrow I one of you girls to do my makeup too because I totally suck at it. I'm not wearing any in these pictures since it was just my work session to finish up the threads.

And with this completed project, Hero Fashions can offically launch. I can now make Amber the fashionista she should be and have an entire wardrobe of proper Superhero attire fit for crimefighting.

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Alan said...


I'll be in costume and so will Feedback, and then so will 800 other people. We'll be fine!