Tuesday, April 10, 2007

making progress

I actually have the bodysuit for Black Cat done but I'm going to rip out some seams and try something else. I currently have the collar piece attached but I'm going to see if my skilled mom can remove it and then change it into a separate choker which will make getting in and out of it much easier. It's not too bad considering how much this fabric stretches but why add the extra strain to the seams, right?

I also just ordered my mask from X-treme Design FX. I may go out this afternoon to shop for the white fur but it depends on how much my mom and I get accomplished this afternoon. Then gloves and possibly a belt will be the final touches. Black Cat doesn't usually wear a belt but in some art she has one and I really love belts to hide my flabby belly.

Let's see. What else is going on? Oh, I just got the proof of the artwork I had commissioned by Dan Gorman. It's gonna rock! Caico looks so good in the sketch. And the price of $95 for a custom sketch and color print is very reasonable.

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