Monday, May 21, 2007

finished Quip costume

I'm very glad that Richard sent me 2 of each shirt so that I could work out the design and skills needed to get his Quip costume done. He sent me 2 black button down shirts and 2 black turtlenecks so that I could add appliqu├ęs and patches. After a quest for fabric that would work, I found violet crushed velvet in a remnant pile for $3.99/yard. No spandex in purple could be found this time of year. Luckily, I think the pieces came out really nice even though one shoulder patch is a smidge lower than the other. Hopefully no one will notice. It's done and I should get it in the mail to Dallas tomorrow in time for Quip's reunion with his girlfriend in June.

Jason Reese, my buddy from Smooth-On, is going to be giving me tips on how to properly clean and store my Black Cat mask. And if I've damaged it at all, he'll be able to repair or replace it. He said silicone would have been better than foam latex. What do I know? I just saw what I needed at Xtreme FX and clicked to order. The mask is really beautiful and since I'm not actually climbing the buildings of New York City, I think it will last a while. Black Cat just happens to have a rather thin mask so I've been worried that it will break.

There was a big monster mash this weekend but I didn't make it to that. I'm saving my strength for Wizard World in Philly in June.

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