Monday, May 14, 2007

Quip costume

I just ordered a single ticket for myself to go to Wizard World in Philly, only $25; Stacy and her friend Dave are going so I won't be alone and she'll drive.

I also started working on the Richard Quip costume for my friend. Actually I'm only doing the embellishments but I still need to find fabric. I'll have to order it online because the stores out here just don't have very much to choose from. What I find is that they have tons of cotton for quilters mostly and that's what I use for my totes, but they are very limited in anything like spandex. I thought there would be a better shot at it since it's a bathing suit fabric but the only stuff I saw was so horribly ugly I couldn't believe anyone would use it for a bathing suit. The only solid color I saw was a super bright lime green which would have worked for maybe another character but I need purple for Quip.

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