Monday, May 28, 2007

Wonder Woman tote

I created a prototype of a real masterpiece this weekend. The owner of Solstice, where my bags are being sold, had mentioned that if her sister-in-law could find Wonder Woman fabric, she'd probably like a bag made out of it. I tried to explain that I could come up with something without it actually being WW fabric. When I brought it up again, Jamie was hesistant and said she'd talk to her s-i-l to see if she'd be interested. I knew that even if she wasn't interested, I already was. I had a plan formulated in my head and wanted to try it so this weekend I spent one day shopping and cutting, then the next day constructing it. Now that it's done, I can visually see what I would change if there was a next time. If it wasn't for my poor stitching on corners & curves (heck, I'm not even so good at straight either), it would be better. I'm still pretty excited about how it turned out. The pattern pieces that are not my originals are so worn out from all the bags I've made! I may have to start tracing them onto new tissue paper. For this Wonder Woman bag though, about one-third of it is original: the busty front, the bust embellishment, the trim on the handles and how to sew the back to the front.

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