Monday, July 02, 2007

new project

With all that new blue spandex I bought, I was trying to think of costumes that I could make. 'Lo and behold, it dawned on me today that Sue Storm/Invisible Woman of the F4 is the perfect outfit for the shades of blue that I purchased. I'll have plenty of the bright robins egg blue but probably just enough of the navy to make the neck piece, belt, and I'm adding stripes for the more modern look of Sue. I don't have boots or gloves but I'm not on a deadline for it right now. Instead of the large chest emblem of the "4" symbol, I'm going to do it more like the movie version and have a breast pocket area patch. That way I won't have to worry about having the zipper go through the emblem and I'd rather not move the zipper to the back because that just makes life difficult.

So far, I only have the muslin cut out. I've been transferring the commercial Kwik Sew pattern to the muslin so that I can make all the necessary new design pieces. Then I'll just use the muslin as the pattern pieces. I'm also thinking of adding some detail -- this is the kind of stuff fanboys hate -- like white or black piping around the stripes on the side pieces and maybe some horizontal lines on the stripes to give it some texture so it doesn't just look like a different color of plain ol' lycra and more like a different kind of fabric. I'm sure people will not like the design but it's all artistic interpretation.

I looked at a number of pictures today on ComicVine showing the different variations of Sue Storm through years and across titles plus the movie shots. Overall, I like her color scheme a lot. Sometimes there's white, sometimes it's blue with black and others it's blue with dark navy. Like the other outfits I've designed, I'll take the elements of each one that I like best and put them together.

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