Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Invisible Woman costume update

Here's a CG mock up of what the costume should like when it's finally complete (on the right). Right now I'm working on the casting of the chest logo in Flex Foam and latex. The Flex Foam worked better much to my surprise. I really expected the latex to win. It was my first time doing any kind of moldmaking and casting so the fact that they suck isn't a surprise.

The top image on the left is the Flex Foam III with a very thin latex coating which happens to be peeling off.

The lower image is just latex. I have no idea why huge chunks are missing. There aren't any chunks left inside the plaster mold so I have no idea where they are. Even after two days, there were still parts of that outer circle ridge that were not cured but it didn't seem like it was enough to make those giant craters.

Overall, the costume is not very flattering for my figure. It will most likely be up for sale once it's finished without boots because it's just easier for people to buy their own size.

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