Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wonder Woman/Girl Tribute outfit

I'm almost done with this version of my Wonder Woman / Wonder Girl tribute outfit! Basically the only things missing are the boots and the tiara. The tiara I may attempt out of molding plastic but who knows if I'll get to it. The boots will be purchased from Scavenge Inc. most likely.

That's me trying to look dramatic! "Come on. Vogue!"

The pants I just whipped up today. They're simple plain navy leggings. They dip a little too much in the back side but the shirt is plenty long enough to cover. The bracelets I decided to throw together as well just because I found a little strip of gold left over. I put eyelets in them and have a ribbon tying them together but it would look better with a faux leather lace.

I'm really hating the top. It was so big and baggy originally. I swear measurements on the pattern instructions are not real measurements. So I took it in and it was still too baggy. Took it in again and now it's too snug and looks just awful in the bust. Oh well. Tough beans. I'm not working on this top any more. I may just make a new one some day or attempt a real Wonder Woman costume.

This wasn't intended to be a costume, by the way. I thought I'd like this blouse pattern and decided it would work well with the gold armor breast plate design and this is what I came up with. It's basically just meant to go with the bag I made.

I'll be adding our NJ Wonder Woman Day Celebration to in hopes of drawing out all the comic geeks and people who just think it's a cool idea. Look for it on October 28th!

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