Monday, August 06, 2007

yes, there's progress

We got to hang out with Joanna and Jason yesterday and see baby Bea for the first time. Then Jason and I got to play with plaster and start the mold casting process for my Invisible Woman costume chest logo. He gave me a lot of tips like add plaster to the water not water to plaster; use hot water with a little salt, and you don't need an expensive moldmaking box (we just took ducting tape and a piece of floor tile and make a containment area). It's humid today but I'm sure the plaster will be cured by this afternoon. Then comes the part of removing my wax sculpture from the plaster. Next step -- LATEX! Woohoo!

J is very encouraging and since he knows so many people in the special effects business, it's amazing that he thinks I be good at this. So... hopefully... (yes, another career possibility) I can get cranking into the latex casting business and make the things that people who just want to sew or purchase base items will need. That way, if you buy your bodysuit from a dance company and need a chest logo or badge, that means, I'll be able to supply that piece and you can just glue it in place. Yay for plans for the future! Huzzah!

I have also given more consideration to auditioning for Season 3 of Who Wants to be a Superhero? if there is one. I watched a few more YouTube videos of the Texas Titans (that's a bunch of people who auditioned for Season 2 and have stayed friends and make fun cosplay movies) and it inspired me. I have realized that there's no need to be nervous about auditioning because it's so unlikely that I'd get chosen. BUT, I'd be there and I'd be connecting with other fans and maybe a Titans East could be formed. Ya never know.

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