Sunday, September 09, 2007

Holy Drunken Shit, Batman! I'm drinking with Jim Lee!

Baltimore Day 2 has been (in the immortal words of Barney Stinson) LEGENDARY. Here I am shooting the shit with Jim Lee at the Marriot bar where Frank Cho was only ten feet away. Jim asked what I do for the shop (Comic Fusion) and Stacy explained about my costumes and then told him about Wonder Woman Day and how I'm soliciting art at the con for the auction. Stacy showed him the postcard with the information. He flipped it over and asked if I had a pen and if he should use the back of the postcard. At this point Stacy and I looked at each with the telepathic connection, "Holy Shit! Is Jim Lee about to do a sketch for our charity event?" Stacy was wise enough to recall that I had bagged boards in my tote. I hurriedly dug one out and handed it to Jim. We watched as he sketched Wonder Woman. He didn't like the way the eyes came out so asked me for another board. Then he sketched Batman. He wasn't thrilled with that one either but we were giddy as school girls at a Justin Timberlake concert. We had two drunken Jim Lee inked boards for Wonder Woman Day. LEGENDARY.

Jim walked away to take pictures with a huge throng of fans who claimed to be Disney dancers and asked me and Stacy to help take pictures with their six cameras. Then a few minutes later he brought over a beer to me even though I wasn't drinking anything except ginger ale and orange juice. I was too freaking geeked out to refuse a beer from Jim Lee (thank goodness it was a nice medium amber beer, Sam Adams I'm pretty sure) so I had a few sips of it.

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