Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chiller Theatre - NJ

Although I am making very slow progress on my Wonder Woman costume, I could not pass up the opportunity to dust off my first superhero costume (custom made by BlackCerenity) which was X-Men's classic green & yellow Rogue. I got the chance to hang out with one of my favorite real life superheroes, Feedback and catch up with a couple other costume pals. I ran into Batman and the Joker!

The boys from The Loud Idiots radio program thought I looked good enough to enter their own costume contest and snapped off a pic of me. I guess I didn't look too bad for having had surgery only a couple weeks ago.


tribedreaming said...

Hiya, I have been googling about as I want to go as Rogue to a fancy dress party, and found you! From the pics, the costume looks good - how much did it cost to get made? (and what did you do about footwear?).

Thanks! :)

Amber Love said...

I wore tall brown boots but yellow go-go boots are easy to find online now. The suit cost me about $130 when I bought it but needed alterations. I wasn't thrilled with the way it was put together but it wasn't something I could make for myself at the time. I would have used better fabric that would have matched the brighter colors better too.