Monday, December 17, 2007

my first commission

It took about a month to complete due to working just at night and on weekends, but I did complete my first commissioned costume. It was a very large super suit (2XL) which required a whole lot more fabric than I normally have to purchase. I felt bad having to charge so much but double the fabric really did add a lot to the cost. For example, I can get some good quality spandex for $20/yd (retail) and for my own suits, I only need 2.5 yards but for such a large suit, the pants alone were 3.5 yds.

I don't know when the recipient of the costume will receive it. It was commissioned by this person's friend as a present. So in order to get any kind of pictures, I asked my boss at the comic book shop to don the costume. He added a Yoda pillow to his waistline and struggled with the mask because I didn't want to add a lot of glue to his face or the mask, just enough to take to the pictures; but in the end, we had Bill put together enough to model for a few shots.

This suit is made out of a knit material basically the stuff that most T-shirts are made out of; I made the cape out of lining material to keep the cost down. It's an original character called Captain Fatman and the creator originally used the old fashioned Green Lantern (Alan Scott) as his costume inspiration. I took that look and swapped a few things but kept the basic color scheme: red, green, purple, gold. The shin guards were just red shiny things from Wal-Mart that I repainted.