Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Moon Comics pictures

I have to be honest here. I was not really a Fantastic Four fan until recently. As a little girl, I remember seeing the cartoon and thought they were kind of boring and dorky. More recently, I was not impressed with the Jessica Alba casting with bad blonde hair. Well, I couldn't get my hair right either (I look a bit like an Easter Egg with Yellow roots and burgundy-fuscia hair) so I've come to terms with her. Plus, I really loved the movie variations of the F4 suits.

But still, I wasn't excited by the first family of Marvel until I talked to Rob, owner of New Moon Comics. He's a real fan and the fact that he gave me and my suit praise warmed my heart. It was really something to hear someone talk so passionately about a character that he loved. His love of Sue Storm was contagious and made me proud to wear the blue spandex. So, thanks, Rob! I owe you for giving me love of this costume.

Originally, I was just going to make this suit and sell it because I hadn't felt any connection to Sue Storm. Now, I absolutely love this costume and can't part with it.

That's me there with a bunch of artists and writers from Arcana Comics (ShadowFlame, Eve Vampire Diva and Koni Waves).

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Moon Comics - Feb. 23rd

Tomorrow I'll be appearing with other heroes at New Moon Comics' new location, 463 Main Street, Little Falls, NJ. Festivities are slated to begin at 10am however we are getting hammered by a snow storm at the moment. It set to be a long day wrapping up at 10pm but not being familiar with that area in the slightest, I know I won't be staying that late.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Classic Sue Storm / Invisible Woman

I finally finished (as finished as possible for now) my Sue Storm classic costume. I will be dying my hair blonde when I wear it but for the time being, you can at least see how it came out. After getting this much done, it's safe to say that the gloves are by far the hardest part. I ran out of fabric so even though the ones I have aren't particularly good, I've gone through all I can trying to make them. Strangely, the left one is tighter than the right one but that's because with so little fabric left, I couldn't properly cut with the greatest stretch going in the proper direction. The left pinky is also quite mangled and where I had to hand stitch (sometimes I just used whatever was in the needle like red), you can unfortunately see some stitches. I hate Hate HATE hand stitching.

The chest emblem was a change. I was going to make one out of latex or foam but after experimenting, I decided an ol' fashioned embroidered one would be best for my skill level. When I get better (and can afford more supplies) then I take some more whacks at special effect type of emblems. I'll be getting into masks someday too.

As for these boots, I followed instructions from League of Heroes veteran greenarrowfl (Brian) and I'm really impressed with how they came out for my first try. The epoxy was quite messy and is somewhat splattered on them but all in all, they don't look too bad. I wasn't planning on them being flared at the top, that's just how they came out. I simply didn't make them form-fitting enough. I did make nifty boot tops to fold over for a buccaneer look which can be tucked in and secured with safety pins.

The belt pissed me off a lot but still not as much as those glove, mainly because I had a belt made out of the same dark blue fabric as the neck yoke but I can't find it. I didn't like it when I made it so I must have tossed out it. It took three attempts with the blue vinyl to get anything at all wearable but my stitching with the vinyl is so atrocious! Hopefully it's not noticeable from a distance but stitching on such shiny fabric does show up more than on matte.

This is most likely what I'll be wearing on Feb 23rd for the New Moon Comics grand opening of their new location in Little Falls, NJ. Come out and see me!