Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Moon Comics pictures

I have to be honest here. I was not really a Fantastic Four fan until recently. As a little girl, I remember seeing the cartoon and thought they were kind of boring and dorky. More recently, I was not impressed with the Jessica Alba casting with bad blonde hair. Well, I couldn't get my hair right either (I look a bit like an Easter Egg with Yellow roots and burgundy-fuscia hair) so I've come to terms with her. Plus, I really loved the movie variations of the F4 suits.

But still, I wasn't excited by the first family of Marvel until I talked to Rob, owner of New Moon Comics. He's a real fan and the fact that he gave me and my suit praise warmed my heart. It was really something to hear someone talk so passionately about a character that he loved. His love of Sue Storm was contagious and made me proud to wear the blue spandex. So, thanks, Rob! I owe you for giving me love of this costume.

Originally, I was just going to make this suit and sell it because I hadn't felt any connection to Sue Storm. Now, I absolutely love this costume and can't part with it.

That's me there with a bunch of artists and writers from Arcana Comics (ShadowFlame, Eve Vampire Diva and Koni Waves).


Anonymous said...

I missed that. It was the grand opening of their new location, right?

Rob got me back into comics, too. And his passion for the books is not seen much by owners these days.

As a FF fan too, I'll agree with Rob that your costume was on the money.

Shame you can't be at New Moon Comics on Free Comic Book Day. But there is always New York Comic Con!

Well done again and thanks for sharing your pictures!


Amber Love said...

Well, I'll be back at New Moon Comics for July 4th!

Robert (New Moon Comics, LLC) said...


It was FANTASTIC (pun intended) having you at the store! And I look forward to seeing you July 4 for the start of our FIRST ANNUAL

If you know of other costume crusaders that would be willing to join the (League?) fun; we'll also have a table at the LITTLE FALLS STREET FAIR, where I'll be most of the day handing out flyers and comics to kids! (It'll be great to have you there too - being in both locations -hehe). :D

We love you!!!

Owner, New Moon Comics, LLC
463 Main Street
Little Falls, NJ 07424