Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ZomCon patches

I was able to pick up a quick commission through the PA (Serenity) Browncoats group. One of the members needs to spice up his zombie coveralls with a couple of nifty Zomcon patches. After about two hours of design time and 3 hours of sewing, I produced these and they'll be shipping out today.

I had no idea what Zomcon is so I searched and discovered this delightful company that provides zombie services for your every menial task. Don't like moving? Hire a zombie! And don't forget to get your zombie a maintenance package that includes facials and body wraps. You don't want your zombie getting ripe.

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Anonymous said...

To find out more about ZomCon check out the movie Fido. It's got zombies and Billy Connoly, what more could you possibly want?