Monday, May 26, 2008

Calling NJ Heroes... upcoming events

Calling NJ cosplayers & gamers! >> There are a couple of events coming up that you won't want to miss.

JUNE 21st at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ -- FREE RPG day. Just like Free comic book day, FRPG day is something special for anyone who currently plays or is a past player of role-playing fun. You might not admit it to your coworkers but come on - you know you love it! Come out to Comic Fusion on June 21. If you've got a costume to represent your favorite RP character and you'd like to be one of our guests, send me a message so I can get a list started. My City of Heroes character, Amber the Superhero Stylist will be there for photos and general gaming geekery.

JULY 4th at New Moon Comics in Little Falls, NJ -- Celebrating our country's Independence, I'm organizing cosplayers to come out in their best patriotic super suits. We have Wonder Woman and Power Girl ready to appear with some expectations for Bucky and Josiah Bradley, the first Capt. America. Getting as many supers as possible would make this 4th even more spectacular. Let me know if you're able to make it and which character you plan to come as. No costume? Come anyway for the fun! And bring a camera!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Star Ledger/Munchmobile

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of NJ's Munchmobile hot dog wagon. I was there with a bunch of other superheroes and many of the state's team mascots. You can see us on today's edition, page 51 and again in Sunday's edition.

Thanks to Mighty Munch for inviting me! It was a great time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pop Culture Sale - Rogue costume up for bids

I'm cleaning out my house looking for collectibles I'm willing to part with. Even though it pains me, I am not getting as much paid work as I need so I have made the decision to sell some of my treasures.

I've already listed most of my Beanie Babies on eBay along with all of my Barbies which breaks my heart. I love Barbie. Anyway, I'm also listing my first comic book costume which was Rogue from Marvel's X-Men. It's also the only costume in my closet that I didn't personally make. I figure that when things get financially better, I'll be able to make one for myself in the future.

This suit was originally made for me by an anime cosplay designer. It's not dead-on perfect as a copy of Rogue. But with a jacket an accessories, it works really well. If you need accessories, my skill levels have developed quite a bit as have my contacts with other designers so feel free to contact me with questions on making this a complete outfit. (Needed accessories: headband, wig, yellow boots, belt, jacket and gloves).

A portion of all my eBay sales will go to the Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue which is why I've got slightly higher starting bids than other sellers. I feel that giving a portion to charity is very important.

This Rogue costume is one of a kind and definitely something that you'll love wearing. It brings out the feisty Southern girl in all of us.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Metropolitan Museum's Superhero Exhibit

You'll be able to find a great deal of information on this exhibit which runs until Sept 1st. I saw the E! coverage and then looked through the USA Today photo gallery which gives you a nice look at the celebs in their "comic themed" formal wear.

I'm hoping to get to this. Based on the news coverage I saw, there didn't seem to be much that actually looked like superhero stuff other than DC's Trinity display and a Catwoman display. The E! coverage yesterday of the previous night's gala showed a lot of celebrities in gowns "inspired by superheroes" and I honestly didn't much connection with really using my imagination.

The best imo was Christina Ricci in a Wonder Woman style suit under a pale pink chiffon overlay. Fergie was in a black gown with a cheetah brooch on her shoulder which I'm guessing could pass for a Catwoman theme. Katie Holmes was wearing a red gown with blue shoes. Victoria Beckham could pass for an Emma Frost influenced in her white coat style gown if you really stretch your imagination. Naomi Watts was in an all white gown sort of Roman style which had a nice size metallic star on her belly. As for the men, Zac Posen in a shiny purple suit is really the only that looks like something other than a Bruce Wayne formal black tux.

Kate Bosworth, Kimora Lee Simmons and designer Diane von Furstenberg all looked like comic books threw up on them. Vogue editor and the event's organizer Anna Wintour claims to have looked to X-Men's Storm for her gown but to me it looks more like Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Venus Williams had this massive red cape over her gown which looked ridiculous.

FCBD '08 recap

Comic Fusion raised just over $500 for the CBLDF! Not bad for a gloomy Saturday at a small shop. I appeared as Sue Storm alongside War Machine, Iron Man and Iron Lad. Later I changed into Power Girl.

We had a great time with three local artists: Glenn Whitmore, Chris Muller and Rob Kramer!

The Iron costumes were all made or modified by the daddy of the group who dressed as War Machine. All had working chest lights. WM's had working palm lights as well. They enjoyed a trip to the Iron Man movie when they left and got a standing ovation when they walked in. :)

Next up is the Star Ledger party in Newark followed by Kids' Day at the American Legion in Flemington.