Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pop Culture Sale - Rogue costume up for bids

I'm cleaning out my house looking for collectibles I'm willing to part with. Even though it pains me, I am not getting as much paid work as I need so I have made the decision to sell some of my treasures.

I've already listed most of my Beanie Babies on eBay along with all of my Barbies which breaks my heart. I love Barbie. Anyway, I'm also listing my first comic book costume which was Rogue from Marvel's X-Men. It's also the only costume in my closet that I didn't personally make. I figure that when things get financially better, I'll be able to make one for myself in the future.

This suit was originally made for me by an anime cosplay designer. It's not dead-on perfect as a copy of Rogue. But with a jacket an accessories, it works really well. If you need accessories, my skill levels have developed quite a bit as have my contacts with other designers so feel free to contact me with questions on making this a complete outfit. (Needed accessories: headband, wig, yellow boots, belt, jacket and gloves).

A portion of all my eBay sales will go to the Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue which is why I've got slightly higher starting bids than other sellers. I feel that giving a portion to charity is very important.

This Rogue costume is one of a kind and definitely something that you'll love wearing. It brings out the feisty Southern girl in all of us.

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Kirsty said...

do u still have this for sale, its just what im looking for, my email is deadly-black-rose@hotmail.com please could u get in touch.