Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bags: Word Balloon Favorites

I bought this fabric a long time ago and Fabricland hasn't carried it since. I love it and get compliments on the little shoulder bag I used it for along with the comic book panels fabric that I wish they still carried. This Word Balloon design has great comic book expletives like "POW" and "BAM" splattered all around with smaller word balloons that say, "To be continued..."

I cranked out two smaller totes in this Word Balloon fabric. Nothing fancy in these beauties; no inside pocket or zipper. I will probably add snap closures but that's one of those "once everything else is completed" tasks. I want to have at least a dozen bags for the Super Show in September (Scranton, PA) which means I have to get my butt in gear. I'll be taking another fabric shopping trip this weekend with my mum to wonderful ol' Joann's Fabrics in Ledgewood but not until I've recovered from my July 4th Independence Day Celebration at New Moon Comics in Little Falls for the Little Falls Street Fair! I'll be appearing in my Award-Winning Power Girl costume! (That's right - I actually won the Good vs. Evil contest on Myspace.)

Simple totes like this will be around $20-25 depending on the fabric. This fabric happens to be more expensive even though it is just cotton. Sometimes novelty fabrics have novelty prices.


Sabatino said...

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jayman said...

Any way I can purchase on of these from you?

Amber Love said...

Yes! I still have that one available. Send me your email address and I'll post a "Reserved" sale for you on etsy. :) Thanks!

Carole & Chai ♥ said...

Hi Amber, just taking a chance here, was wondering if you know where I could purchase the super hero fabric that you made this bag from.

Thanks so much!

Carole from Canada

Amber Love said...

Unfortunately when I had gone back for more, it was completely sold out. I had a lot of feedback on that fabric and the comic panels one. They were from Fabricland in New Jersey but that was years ago and I haven't seen it since.