Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rogue's yellow boots

I get asked about X-Men's Rogue a lot. The reason I love her is because her vast wardrobe reflects different periods of her life and therefore personality. Her classic yellow & green suit is by far the most popular of her collection.

Making the bodysuit and jacket are easy enough. With Rogue there are also a decent amount of accessories to consider too. To get the perfect "double" belt where one is thin and one is thick, you can either buy two brown belts and create an X-logo buckle to hold them together or have one custom made.

Boots can be tricky to have custom created because if you're like me and spend all day in your costume, you really want them to be as comfortable as possible. That means going shopping for yourself. Having someone who is not a boot-maker or cobbler create your footwear can be a hit or miss situation. Many people will just refer you to a tutorial on how to make your own but not everyone who enjoys wearing costumes wants to go through all the trouble involved in making one.

With the yellow & green suit, Rogue wears over-the-knee (OTK) yellow boots with green straps. They flare open at the top around the knee and thigh. If you don't care about being dead on accurate there are a lot of go-go boots that come up the knee but not over it; still, it's not a bad place to start because they only cost about $40 and have a variety of heels to choose from. You can always try to create the flared top yourself out of yellow vinyl which takes a lot of the daunting construction out of the equation.

Yesterday I scoured the internet again looking for yellow OTK boots and found these options:
- White boots (expensive; might mean better quality but I don't know; for cheaper and in US dollars check here) that you can try spray painting with a shoe paint like Magix.
- Spandex boots/leggings are common from Chinese costumer designers and can be found easily on ebay. The thing is the prices are cheap but shipping is costly. One Chinese designer that I've heard good things about is Maggie at Cosfun. She'll also do customizations so if you need a bootie in a color not shown, you can always ask about it. Booties though are very slippery and offer no protection for your feet! You can get some leather, foam or even an old yoga mat to cut out some soles for yourself and glue it onto the stockings.


Troy Hickman said...

Am I the ONLY person whose favorite Rogue costume is the orange and green one she wore during the first John Romita, Jr. run?

Amber Love said...

As far as I know, you are! ;)

Anonymous said...


My name is Stacey and I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a decent rogue costume, but no such thing yet. The body suit is the main thing that I've been looking for, the jacket belts and boots I think I can find... WHERE did you get yours!??!??! If you got it made, what did you make it out of!?? Anyways any help would be great!! I need the suit for sept 2010 so I have some time but would still like to find it now!! Thanks!! <3

You can write me back on here or threw my email .. thanks again!!!

crystal vazquez said...

I took some old black knee high pleather boots I high and neatly covered it piece by piece with bright yellow duct tape! Worked great!!