Monday, September 15, 2008

A very different Wonder Woman

An interesting product of the 70s is this version of Wonder Woman that I have never seen before. I was just alerted by a friend of mine about this nice website, Wonderland, which has information on a blonde non-superpowered Wonder Woman. Her outfit isn't bad considering that it does seem more "practical." She was played by Cathy Lee Crosby and according to the site, was an all around bad production with awful scripts and direction making it a complete WW failure.

I have seen writer/legend Denny O'Neill speak a few times and one of the subjects of his discussions are more like confessions. He not only "killed Robin" (aka, Jason Todd which was left up to the readers, not him) but he also depowered Wonder Woman in the 1970s comics. At the time, he believed that it would make more relatable to the female comic book audience and actually show her as being a powerful woman because she was just human with major martial arts abilities. His experiment failed miserably and feminists like Gloria Steinem were outraged by the depowering of our Amazon Princess.

In today's comics, Wonder Woman has a choice (sort of). Her nemesis Circe, a powerful sorceress, cast a spell on Wonder Woman so that she has to actually transform into her WW persona to have powers; otherwise, she is able to remain in human form as Diana Prince, with only top-notch human abilities like martial arts, fighting, marksmanship, etc.

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