Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Marvel Entry

I couldn't resist trying to submit a second costume for the Marvel contest even though I don't stand a chance of winning against Allen as a Super Skrull or Troy's Green Goblin. Nonetheless, I had decided to dress up as Black Cat for work today so I had Ron take a few seconds of video in our driveway. I have some dorky photos too of me working the new espresso machine.

In the Halloween Spirit

Last night I had the pleasure of working at Teaberry's in Flemington for a very rare nighttime tea event celebrating Halloween. Though I ended my work evening exactly when I wanted around 11:30pm, I ended up an extra hour talking non-stop with owner Susan who is a fascinating woman to talk to.

Today, I'm thinking of dressing up for work at my regular job. The boss said she would be dressing up but I'd hate to get there and be the only one, then have to schelp cappuccinos dressed as Wonder Woman.

Even ESPN sportscasters, Mike & Mike are in the act of celebrating in costume:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Best Superhero Weekend Ever

I'm home recovering today after having the best superhero weekend! We raised over $4,000 in NJ for our local domestic violence shelter. Overall it was really incredible with only one moment of creepiness; a townie kept trying to get me in his apartment to pose next to his motorcycle engine (not even an actual bike just the engine). I don't mind requests for photos and I even obliged this man's brother by posing on his Harley but seriously, no means NO and I shouldn't have to say it a hundred times and call for backup.

My Harley Quinn suit suffered from a couple of seam separations but nothing major and they were on the back so it was easily overlooked. My new Wonder Woman suit held up rather well and I got the chance to work some fun photographers.

Honestly, I've been blogging my heart out all morning so you can read all about it on Comic Fusion's blogger.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Coffee Corsets

There's cute. There's functional. There's creative. Then you mush them up together and you get Jenn Gee's coffee cup corsets on Etsy! Toss your dull zarf in the trash and dress up your travel cup in one of these.

A crafter since 1995, Jenn experimented with a more traditional coffee cup cover at first but was unsatisfied with the seam. So according to her Etsy profile, she decided to try laces and the rest is history.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Accessories online

I was surfing around and came across these dandies at Target's website:

* Jonathan Saunders red neoprene belt (there's also a bright blue one)

* Women's stilletto gangster shoes for only $30

* Mizrahi tailored jacket.

Red & Blue belts are staples for any superhero wardrobe. The stillettos and jacket might help out any of the femme fatales of the steampunk culture.