Friday, October 31, 2008

In the Halloween Spirit

Last night I had the pleasure of working at Teaberry's in Flemington for a very rare nighttime tea event celebrating Halloween. Though I ended my work evening exactly when I wanted around 11:30pm, I ended up an extra hour talking non-stop with owner Susan who is a fascinating woman to talk to.

Today, I'm thinking of dressing up for work at my regular job. The boss said she would be dressing up but I'd hate to get there and be the only one, then have to schelp cappuccinos dressed as Wonder Woman.

Even ESPN sportscasters, Mike & Mike are in the act of celebrating in costume:


Troy Hickman said...

What size batteries does the cat take?

By the way, did you mean to write "schlep" or is there something you can do to cappuccinos called "schelping"? (And if so, schelp me a large one)

Amber Love said...

My little poufy girl does look possessed in all of her photos. She naturally glows like a Jack o'lantern.

No "schelping" isn't a real barista word. I just use it for everything. I learned my vocabulary playing Mad Libs.