Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Checking in personally...

I need to get going on deciding what to wear for NYCC and that means I also need to get my butt on a fabric shopping trip. That's plaguing my mind at the moment.

I also now have one pink eye to compliment my half purple hair (yay, love me new hair!); I have no idea what I did to my eye but I think walking about with an eye patch is just asking for more trouble then answering a hundred people asking what's wrong with my eye. I have no idea what's wrong with it so I'll just say I scratched or allergies or something.

So, once again to remind you... I'm considering the following characters to be for NYCC and feel free to post your vote(s) so that I can see what fans are looking for:
1. Star Sapphire from JLU animated
2. Ace (Royal Flush Gang) from JLU animated
3. Twilight Guardian (Top Cow's newest blockbuster)
4. Firestar from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends


Troy Hickman said...

Well...you know.

Great pic, btw!

skeevo666 said...


Capt. Morgan said...

I'd say go with Twilight Guardian.

(A) It's a very edgy, non-traditional but still superhero look.

(B)It's pretty easy to do (hoodie, mask, spandex pants)

(C) Hickman is the ultimate promoter, so if you take photos, you'll see them EVERYWHERE (don't get me wrong; love you, Troy!).

My other choices, in order, would probably be Ace, Star Sappire, and Firestar.

The Nerdy Bird said...

I love the purple! I always wanted purple hair!