Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rogue jacket; Steampunk goggles

I love bargains! I especially love bargains when I can apply them to my super costume wardrobe. Yesterday I found a fantastic jacket made of dark chocolate brown PVC at Burlington Coat Factory and for only $17! I couldn't resist. Slowly Rogue will be redesigned. It may take another two years but it'll get done eventually.

I also got my very first pair of goggles in the mail today. They are the German Goggles from Restoration Hardware and were on sale for $11.99! No idea what I'm going to do to them yet.


Anonymous said...

hey you should check out www.skingraftdesigns.com to really get the superhero look..
they do crazy slick leather work straight out of dune or madmax...
you can also get great deals on their stuff and other similar fashion at www.shophuntersandgatherers.com

The Nerdy Bird said...

That jacket kicks ass!