Saturday, February 07, 2009

NYCC Day 2 - Firestar is ready

I'm all ready for today. I got about 45-55 minutes of sleep even though we home at a very reasonable 8:30 pm. I'm just too nervous about the potential people that I want to meet and interview.

Yesterday, I was happy to discover the theatrical contact lenses booth. I never wanted to order online because I had questions, not to mention the con prices are much better. I'm so glad I stopped by there and splurged on a treat for today's Firestar costume. I have fire contacts in. Sure, might not be comic book accurate but they look cool.

Because of the mask being the way, I actually have to use a strip of toupee tape under the front of the wig to keep it in place. I think more people will recognize me today and not confuse me for a manga or goth character. Although, now that I think about it, I guess since Rumor was created and designed by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, I guess she is rather goth.

See you there! Oh and it's supposed to be in the 40s today! Funny to think that's good news.


The Nerdy Bird said...

Our picture together is up on CBR!

Amber Love said...

Holy Cow, Jill! That's a great piece - and the article's not bad either *rimshot*

Thank you for including me!

PS I learned that the "Tron" dude is X-man Cyclops where certain X-players use a reflective piping on their suits specifically because of how cool it looks in photos.

Keep up the spectacular work!

The Nerdy Bird said...

:D Thanks! I'm glad you like. (Btw I didn't put the captions on the photos)

There's a bunch of shots on you on flickr too! I was searching tags of NYCC and they came up.

Holly said...

Very nice! I used to love Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on Saturday mornings.