Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NYCC: video recaps

I separated Gaming, Artwork, Costuming and Experiences into their own videos. Enjoy!


Troy Hickman said...

What kind of subliminal message have you insidiously buried in the last two, ostensibly blank, minutes of this video? Inquiring minds want to know.

I could point out to Peter David a number of non-stereotypical comic women, but dollars to donuts he's never read anything I've written (except "stop me before I kill again" on his bathroom mirror).

And thanks once again for being Twilight Guardian (especially since I'm assuming it was otherwise a thankless job).

Anonymous said...

sorry i dont know your name.. i saw ur black terror review.. i was wondering if you're a comic collector.. like do you have all the black terror variants since they came out of couple of months ago.. thanks..
this is


Amber Love said...

SUavecito, I don't collect variants because in general I think they are a rip off. I get the comics to read them and enjoy them not keep them sealed in a vault. I'll toss them in a bag to take to the gym. I have only the recent incarnation of Black Terror and the other Superpowers from Dynamite Entertainment but not the old Golden Age ones which would probably be worth something since people didn't save their comics back then.

Troy Hickman said...

Back in my day, we used to use funnybooks for just about everything. We'd put them in the bottom of the birdcage. We'd cover the furniture in 'em when we were painting. We'd use them in recipes for mock apple pie. Why, I remember my dad once took a copy of Detective Comics #27 and used it to swat flies. I won't even tell you about the day we ran out of Charmin and what he did with Amazing Fantasy #15.

Yeah, you can't do that these days with all your hippie-dippie Mando and Baxter stocks! No, give me the old days when men were men, and funnybooks were something that Goober and Gilligan would fold up and stick in their back pockets! And they'd have names like "Lizard Man" and "Laser Man" and "Captain Pow"!

I have to go empty my colostomy bag now...