Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New concept designs

I really did try to maintain some focus with this year's costume making. That lasted about 5 minutes. Today alone I came up with two different Green Lantern uniforms (originals) and then saw a classic oldie version of Star Sapphire that is so adorable I want to add it to my "To Do" list. (Above: the steampunk v. 1.0 GL, roller derby GL, spandex goodness GL; Below: Star Sapphire)

However, I refrained somewhat when I was ordering fabric today for a customer and limited myself to just 3 yards of green spandex. I should have enough yellow left over to join it with the green to finally make my own Rogue costume (the one I had was one I had commissioned and later sold). Not that the world needs another Rogue, because it seriously does NOT; however it may be like Harley Quinn just for fun and photoshoots and shop appearances but not for conventions where there are dozens.

Since my plans for yesterday and today got mucked up due to the blizzard, I spent both at the sewing machine instead of at work. I created a test piece for a customer's commission (to be revealed only when it's finished). It's a nice classic style so I used most of the design to finally create that original/generic X-Men uniform that I've been wanting to do forever. It's just simple black with a yellow center piece, leotard style. It's not quite finished and naturally, just as I was about to begin, I ran out of black thread so it's done with grey, black and yellow thread. All it needs is some reinforcing when I get more black thread and to have the elastic around the leg holes installed.

Over the weekend I worked on new Firestar gloves made from red PVC and a Harley prop "Bang" gun:
It's a replica .44 revolver that shot rubber ammo bullets until I filled the barrel with gorilla glue and a dowel. I was going to embroider the "bang!" but I didn't like the way it came out so it's just white cotton backed with interfacing and detailed with a black fabric marker. I also made it double-sided because it always bothers me when you can only read one side of a banner or flag.


marvel sucker said...

Great job with the gun. It looks super.

Anonymous said...

if your willing to make a second one give me a hollar mrjsgirl@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

if your willing to make a second one let me know,

Amber Love said...

FYI, I'm not going to reply to what look like "anonymous" comments that include email addresses. Serious inquiries can be emailed to me.

Adrienne said...

Hi Amber! Just stumbled across your blog and you are amazing!!!

My husband is slowly turning me geeky and I love it!!! :)

I want to make him a "BANG" gun for Christmas as part of a big gift for him.

But I am not sure how..
I know I can just buy one but I thought crafting would be better and more fun :)

Any tips?

Amber Love said...

Some people have gotten really clever with the big bang or cork guns. They take things like Gatorade bottles & glue them to toy guns then repaint so it makes a really exaggerated barrel. Depends where you live if you can even find toy guns anymore. You might need to order online.