Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fairytale Photoshoot in Brooklyn this Saturday

Allow me to direct your attention to the SteamFashion community at One of the members is organizing a fairytale photoshoot at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens for this Saturday at 11 am.

I had my mum bring me the old Alice costume she made for me back in college before I was doing any sewing of my own. Lo and behold, it still fits really well.


As I said, no much in my steamy wardrobe yet. I added black gloves, black tights, a choker and put pigtails in my purpley hair. I'm off to find boots at the thrift store. It's really more of a goth take on it but for now, that's the best I can do. I hope to make my own version some day maybe with dark blue pin stripe fabric or something nifty. ;)

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