Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some new Rogue pictures

For the people that don't think I'm a horrible disgrace to the comic book or costuming communities, please check out my new pictures at Myspace. They were taken by my friend Trevor who has great experience as a photojournalist and is looking to expand into other avenues of photography.


Mandalynne said...

I desperately want to be rogue for halloween this year. I've a habit for "wow"ing friends and strangers alike at the events I attend, because whereas others are in local costumes, I show up in cosplay worthy attire. Generally I have a gal make mine for me, but she's out of state and I think a body suit might be difficult w/ my not being there.

Was curious if you could tell me how you went about putting together your Rogue costume?


Amber Love said...

Hey, Mandalynne! I blogged in full detail:
Everything I could think of to document, I did. I hope it helps you.