Monday, August 10, 2009

New Fantastic Four pictures on flickr

This is one of the first costumes I ever made back in 2006 (if I remember correctly). Originally this suit was just for practice and I was going to sell it; I was never going to wear it but a dear friend of mine convinced me that Sue Storm is one of the best female characters in comics. I just couldn't let go of the suit after that.

Sue Storm Richards aka The Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four (Marvel)
Costume created 2006
Photos from Aug 2009 by Riad Twal
from one of the Flemington Car Shows in front of Comic Fusion.

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Manu Mane said...

Hello Elisabeth :)

I discovered your blog six months ago and became a kind of fan since then, coming and looking at
your costumed pics and reading the major part of your articles :)

So I wanted to write to you and testify my interest for your work, but I hadn't found the time till
today. The funny fact is that I,m a frenchman - then a very far away from you person - but today I'm
a little more closer, because I'm in Montreal for vacation, then I have more time to write !

I tried to send an email but it didn't work : (

I really love what you do ! In France, people who are interested in US comics (by the way, I'm an
illustrator :) love superheroes, but costuming ourselves doesn't belong to our culture. Even though
we also have fests and comic strips conventions.

I'm impressed by the comittment you put into it and all the things you seem to do around this field. I
think it must be difficult to create real suits based on costumes which haven,t been really designed to
exist in reality ^^ And you know how to make them true, and a thing which could be ridiculous if it
wasn't well done, becomes a believable and a realistic one !

So I wanted to congratulate and I'll hope you'll find time to answer. To be honest, I'd like we write to
each other and deal with these kind of topics ! Comics, superheroes, and so on !

If you are curious, you can see my own work at I tried to translate
the major part of my articles in english when I have time ^^ one after one....

A question to end : M. Paul Gulacy's website is in your personal links and one of your pics is in his
site, could it be possible you were parents ? Are you his daughter or his niece ? :)

I read Master of Kung fu when I was a kid, and I enjoyed it a lot !

Sincerely yours,

Emmanuel :)
Email :