Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I notice you usually do superheroes with an occasional supervillain. Being a fan of supervillains, I was just curious to see if you had any diabolical costumes in the works?

Good question! The answer is "sort of." I'm in the design stages of Star Sapphire (silver age) and she's been a Green Lantern villain but now they work together.

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You'd stop wearing skirts as a giant? That's too bad, you could have been a popular Giganta or Elasti-Girl.

Sounds too scary.

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Do you have a favorite online fabric site?

I really like Denver Fabrics and Spandex House for fabrics though I hate Spandex House's website (it's almost 2010 and they don't have a secure shopping cart yet!) The quality has always been better than Jo-Anns but I like Jo-Anns for notions and calicos.

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have you recovered from Christmas yet?

Yes, I have recovered. It was a sad xmas for me which was exhausting in a different way than it is for other people. I also baked A LOT and that's over now so my kitchen isn't a disaster.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I know you usually do Comic Book Costumes (which of course rock), though you have done some from other genres as well. What non-Comics costumes would you really like to do, and are there any genres you would tend to avoid?

Someone already asked this! I'll answer the part about what I would avoid - anime/manga because I know nothing about it and have no real connection to it.

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what's the best time you've ever had a comic convention?

Baltimore! I got to meet a lot of wonderful guys from Dynamite Entertainment and party the night away. 2007, I think. @DynamicForces

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Out of the many fun, geeky twitter/bloggers on the web - who do you have a crush on and would like to meet or get to know better?

That's easy: @feliciaday (Felicia Day) and @wilw (Wil Wheaton) but I'm sure there are plenty more. On Youtube, it's "hellointernet" aka Marvel Sucker Benjamin.

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Have you heard of the photographer Scott Church? Would you consider being photographed in costume by him?

Never heard of him but if he's legit, sure I would. I require a safe location like a studio not some creepy basement with a bedsheet for a backdrop.

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You pose for CosplayDeviants?

Right now I'm a "potential Deviant". My first shoot is scheduled for later in January so hopefully if all goes well, it will be well received and they'll want to keep me.

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What would you do if you were a giant?

Stop wearing skirts?

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Do you accept suggestions? a Catwoman costume, the Cooke version with short hair, maybe? that'd be a commitment!

I love Darwyn's work but the version of Catwoman that I really wanted to do was Hush. I wear a lot of wigs now but when I go to donate my hair again perhaps that would be a bonus for doing it.

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Have you ever wanted to do any roleplaying in your costumes?

As I've said, I'm a pretty terrible actress so I don't think I could even pull off RP very well but I sure would give it a try. When I celebrate Wonder Woman Day, I'm pretty much in character when the kids are around.

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What is the one costume you haven't designed yet that you've been dying to do?

I'd love to create Terry Dodson's version of Circe from Wonder Woman. I think it's a gorgeous design and she even has awesome pink hair!

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What non-superhero types of costumes have you/would you enjoy designing or wearing at a con?

Actually I'll be debuting as a sexy cowgirl this year for the booth at the @comicgeekspeak SuperShow. I may possibly get the chance to dress as Athena Voltaire too. I also love Steampunk and would love add it to my wardrobe.

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Will you pose in your Firestar costume for me?

Depends. If I meet you at a con and I'm wearing it, then I'll happy stop and pose for a few shots. My blog has my calendar of tentative dates where I'll be. I'm working only with photographers approved through CosplayDeviants and personal references at the moment. If you're an illustrator and need to use my pics as reference, that's always fine - check my galleries on facebook and flickr.

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I'm bravely participating in the formspring Q&A

You can ask me questions anonymously but please realize that anonymity does not give you the right to be an ass. Please be respectful. I'm an open book so chances are I will be very honest in my responses.

Right off the bat here are some basics:
Status - separated/dating
Age - old in numbers, 37
Measurements - 38.5 - 36 - 39
Orientation - bi

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Kwanzhanayulemas!

So I've been tinkering with redesigning the ol' blog here at Hero Fashions. It's so much fun coding xml when you don't know xml --- /sarcasm>. Supposedly the new blogger post editor allows for better functionality when posting pictures too. I'll give that whirl here just to see if they're full of crap.

Here's a picture of me last year playing with Cthulu Santa at Comic Fusion where I used to work, because he's just way more fun that the other Santa. Comic Fusion is in Flemington, NJ which has lots of shopping opportunities. There are the outlets over at Liberty Village but I encourage you to hit Main Street. Of course, your first stop should be the comic shop. Then get yer grub on at Shaker Cafe. If you're feeling a bit more "pretty" and you're plenty hungry, have lunch or afternoon tea at Teaberry's.

That picture of me with ol' St. Nick is from 2007 in Clinton, NJ. The Main Street in Clinton is charming and full of great little independent shops. Unlike New Hope, they haven't let Starbucks in yet. The shops suffered a devastating flood this year and some of the owners are still recovering from that. If you can't do your last minute Christmas Eve shopping there, at least considering stopping by to spend your Christmas money after the holidays. Don't miss the Clinton 5 & 10 which is also where I used to work.

This year, I'm in Pittsburgh carefully treading on the icy sidewalks and roads. I'm doing the necessary cleaning and cooking for the family visiting tomorrow. Caico and I will be heading to the 'burbs to visit my awesome brother Bill and his fun wife Celeste with their insane wiener dogs. The folks are driving in from Jersey today.

Comics, Cleaning & Cooking on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays!
From Amber Love & Caico

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 MVP at the Superhero Costuming Forum

Hero Fashions Fans! Pay attention! First of all, if you don't know, the Superhero Costuming Forum is where I go to get advice from people far more creative and talented than myself. It's run by an extraordinary group of volunteers who have built a community of close friends all because of superhero costuming. We even venture beyond the tights now and again for the likes of G.I. Joe or Indiana Jones, etc.

Last year I breathlessly accepted the MVP which I did not expect to ever receive; and this year, I had personal issues that required my time so I missed out on the boards a lot. However, I popped in just in time to see that "StanLeeWannabe" aka Alfie Norris was awarded the 2009 MVP! I decided that he needed a bit of spotlight over here at the ol' blog so I asked him a few questions.

To swipe some of our fearless leader's hardwork (Allan), here are some quotes about Alfie from his peers at the Superhero Costuming Forum:

  • He's very active on this and many other forums and is always quick to offer his two cents, solicited or not.
  • He was a fun guy to hang with at DC and has energy that I wish I could fucking bottle (minus the Ritalin prescription)!
  • it's a pleasure to chat with him either on the boards or on msn, I'm looking forward to hanging at Dcon 2010.
  • He knows things.....
  • He has been a major part of getting the site moving. He has made posts that have been informative. Has given advice to those seeking it. And knocked out a ton of costumes.

As last year's MVP, I know it's a big honor, so, Alfie, how does it make you feel to be recognized by your costuming friends as an outstanding community member?

Humbled, since there are so many others deserving recognition. Gratified, that the work and detail and perspective that I put into projects is enjoyed by others that love this stuff too.

What were your greatest 2009 costuming accomplishments?
The costume I'm most proud of this year was certainly Eradictor. A lot of work and planning went into that one. Almost everything was something I had to "put my hands on" so to speak. From the cowl to the cape to all the luminescent runes and the light up eyes. The Flash boots with rippled soles and a custom airbrush paint job weren't easy either.

But from what I gather, it was my penchant for trolling the forums late night and jotting down advice that people were appreciative of the most. Taking the time to listen, which has been one of my goals - to be a better listener - resulted in a few "ah ha!" moments. Like, "whoa, I know the answer to that! I'll see if this post helps." I've learned so much from people who know a TON more than I do about this stuff that it just seems right to pop in and spread the wealth.

What was an important lesson learned in how to do or not to do something?
I learned not to spraypaint Dr. Fate helmets in a closed garage when your wife's car is a totally different color. Ha ha. Had to get her a brand new coat on the car thanks to a few pesky particles.

But more importantly, I learned you can't be afraid to just jump in, try stuff and make mistakes. Heck if I hadn't just recklessly bought materials and tried stuff, I might still be on the couch thinking "I dont know...i dont really know how to do that..." I allowed myself time to play.

What's on the books for your 2010 To Do list?
What's NOT on the To Do list? I keep having wild ideas and wanting to go nuts on them all.

1. Wolverine - with extending and contracting claws under latex skin. I want people to ask, "is that for real?"
2. Dr. Strangefate - I'm dying to see an Amalgam group at a con. It's absolutely my favorite comic concept bar none. Ron Marz, José Luis Garcia-Lopez and Kevin Nowlan did an amazing job on that series.
3. The Human Torch - im kicking around a few versions of this. One involves resin and Christmas lights?
4. Archangel - poseable mirror chrome wings included!
5. Movie & Classic Iron Man suits ...
6. Nova - helmets and armor in the works as we speak

*pant* *pant*

The Hulk is not on this list simply because...well I dont know if I'll be able to do it justice this year. Allen did such a great job with Sasquatch, that's going to be a hard act to follow.

What conventions and events will you be attending in 2010?

Most likely it'll just be Dragon*Con, but since the wife wants to mainline Twilight info we're about 80% for San Diego Comic Con as well. Though I've been on the boards for a long time now, this year's D*C was my first con! It was a complete blast and I couldn't have been happier to make connections with such great people.

I'm looking forward to D*C 2010 especially because I made a certain nuptial prediction that I'm really hoping comes true. I know things. Ha ha.

People always want to know, can they contact you for commissions? If so, how?
Absolutely. Email me at I'll try my hand at anything if I've got the time. Sewing isn't my strongest, but anything else I'm game for.

Where can fans find more information about you or follow your activities?
I'm on crack book...err Facebook at:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Look what I won!

Through the power of some random number selecting program, one my comments was chosen as the winner of one of the Guns of Shadow Valley comment contest! Creator Dave Wachter is making sketches for the winners, any character of their choice. I went with Circe because she was missing from my collection of bad ass girls in comics. Thanks, Dave!

And if I haven't mentioned it, I'm loving the Guns series. My followers know that I'm a big fan of Zorro and the Lone Ranger & Tonto which don't come out nearly as often as I'd like. Guns comes out with a new page every Tue & Thurs.

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Class

I can't believe it's been so many weeks since I've blogged! That's mainly because I have not done anything too productive other than reviewing comics. My sewing room is still just a heaping landfill of boxes that have not been unpacked. Every weekend I tell myself that's when I'm going to unpack and I procrastinate. Well, now I really must get my butt in gear as I really that comic con season is right around the corner and there are other particularly nifty events to dress up for such as Dr. Sketchy's.

I had heard of Dr. Sketchy's quite a long time ago following one of my personal favorite costumers, Ruby Rocket. Then friends of mine from the League of Heroes and Superhero Costuming Forum started getting in on the act too. I never thought I'd get the chance to experience it because I had no idea just how many locations there are for the Anti-Art events.

Even if you're not an artist, grab a pad and some markers and find the closest event. I spent half my night doodling and the rest just watching the fun. I witnessed a sexy hobo make a balloon monkey masturbating on a motorcycle! How many times can you say you've seen that in your life? It was Dave Wachter's gruesome rendition of the monkey that won him the prize which was becoming the monkey's proud owner. It's quite frightening how happy he was to win that vile piece of balloon sculpture. (To see the monkey, visit my Facebook unless you were one of the few that I shocked on twitter last night.)

And of course, even my spare batteries were dead so I didn't get any video but I did get a few pictures. I also had fun catching up with ToonBrian whom I first met at the Steel City Con just a few weeks ago. The DJ was wild and managed to pick the most (in-) appropriate music for the theme which was "Hobo-Erotic."

The local ToonSeum provided the cereal cels artwork on the walls. Nostalgic trademarks like Tony the Tiger and other adorable innocent creatures looked on as we regaled the vulgarity.

Another special part of my night was getting to see Jim & Mel who own the incredible Gypsy Cafe which hosted last night's festivities. The food was amazing as always and they picked great drink specials. Unfortunately, I was driving so I didn't get any of the half price Magic Hat which is among my all time favorite beers. But one of the sponsors of the night was Boyd & Blair vodka company so I did partake in one shot early on because, hey - it's vodka and I'm still half Polish! And Mel graciously accepted a gift from the German side of my family which was a ceramic peacock made by my aunt for my grandmother. As the matriach now, my mum insisted that the peacock belong to Mel. If mum lived out here I have feeling we'd be at the Gypsy even more often.

Personally exciting for me is that after meeting Joe, aka Dr. Sketchy, some of my costumes may be featured in a 2010 superhero themed event! *fingers crossed*

Have I mentioned how much I hate the way blogger posts pictures?