Saturday, January 30, 2010

Afrodisiac Launch Party

I was some good old fashioned funkadelic fun at the Toonseum last night. We celebrated the launch of Afrodisiac's hard cover edition with creators Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. It's hard to believe this much grooviness came from a couple of white dudes but there they were with a throng of fans. Plus Street Angel copies were there too with this rare chance to have the creators sign them.

I'm trying to talk Jim into making an appearance at the CGS Supershow. We'll see if that works out... Meanwhile, listen to the CGS interview with Jim.

The Toonseum is focused on bringing the spotlight to local independent creators.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Would you rather date a lot of different people, or be in a committed relationship?

At the moment, lots of different people.

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If you won a $1,000 shopping spree for any store, which store would you pick? because the home made stuff is so awesome and I can't afford any of it.

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Who's the most underrated actor?

Aaron Eckhardt in The Dark Knight. Imo, he stole the show but I'll get my geek membership revoked when that gets out.

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What message would you want to put in a fortune cookie?

To put in a cookie? For someone else? I'd write "You will feel compelled to give Amber a large donation."

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If you could ask God one question what would it be?

Is the answer really 42?

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If you could eliminate one thing you do each day in the bathroom so you never had to do it again, what would it be?

Having super teeth that never need to be brushed no matter what, would be awesome.

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Have you broken any bones? If so, how?

Broke a toe once but I never even had it checked out because I know there's nothing done for that.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

what do you think of Siege so far...

I'm not getting the main title. I'm enjoying the new direction for Sentry in Dk Avengers; he was so dull before.

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fetishes/kinks? as an naked model you probsably will end up doing some sort of niche.

I've gotten a lot of requests for it but the only thing you'll remotely see is Wonder Woman and her lasso, either just draped on me or tying up a bad guy.

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can I see your feet

No but I can!

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Where should I send you the pic I manipulated?

amberlovescomics at

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Amber, you're such a beautiful girl! Why CosDev and not something like Shutter Girls or your own site? That site doesn't seem as respectable as your are. :(

CosDev focuses on costuming which is what I want to do. I've thought of launching my own site for many years and I've been tinkering with all the code but I can't wrap my brain around the differences when some templates use xml, some js, etc. I don't have that kind of programming background and I can't afford to hire someone. I thought about SuicideGirls too but CosplayDeviants like I said, seems to have the same focus that I do.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why modeling? Why now? Is this porn?

I already posted most of this in a reply to a comment but I didn't think it would be very noticeable among all the formspring posts.
I think I've shocked a considerable number of my friends by veering down the path of deviant modeling. In my opinion, what I'm embarking on isn't even porn so I wanted to address it openly:

I grew up with plenty of respect for nude modeling. My father had Playboys and I think it's merely a modern/digital representation of the same fine art done by the masters in oils and pastels. If people could simply wrap their brains around the concept that photography and digital arts are simply an evolution then the naked body should not be shocking to anyone.

My personal reason for wanting to do it at this point in my life is because I feel as if I lost a considerable amount of my vibrant youth when I could have been modeling to years in a bad marriage (the first one not the second one) and then wasted years being so obese. I'm not fit for professional modeling but since I feel good doing it, I'm going to. The fact that I have fans and friends who enjoy my product is pure joy to me too.

As far as portraying existing comic book characters that readers feel are too dignified to be naked, I understand and respect the concern. I also have the same concerns. When possible, I will ask a creator if it's ok for me to portray their character in a respectful fashion. Hopefully they'll say yes but if not, there are plenty of others to choose from. Particularly with Wonder Woman - she is a goddess, strong and commanding but her creator clearly had fetish in mind when he developed her style, powers and weaknesses. Since William Marston's son Pete has become a friend of mine and given me his blessing to pursue an erotic look at Wonder Woman, then I feel I'm justified in doing so. I draw the line with all the bondage requests - it's not my thing but you can expect to see me tie up a villain or two with my magic lasso.

If you could only watch one TV show what would it be?

OMG! Either House or Castle. Tough choice.

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If you could go on vacation for the next month with an unlimited budget, where would you go?

Some place warm so that I can get away from this bitter cold. I hear Hawaii is nice.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If you were given a huge budget to make a comic book movie where you could play one of the characters you costume, who would that character be and who would you cast as some of the other heroes/villains?

First of all, I should be cast as Carol Ferris, not that scrawny Blake Lively, but moving on... Bearing that there are so many wonderful characters to choose from, it's hard to pick. For right this minute I can think of Wonder Woman(even her mother Hippolyta); but I'd also like to play Delirium or Death from Sandman with Adrian Brody perhaps as Dream. btw, I love playing the "casting game!" I swear I am Delirium so there wouldn't be much acting involved.

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Can we pay to see you naked? Nothing hotter than half naked heroines

You will be able to very soon! I'm hoping to make an announcement regarding my first @cosplaydeviants shoot any day now. I encourage you to sign up. There's a variety of female and male models not those cookie-cutter models from fashion shows.

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Do you have a problem with anyone manipulating your photos?

I enjoy receiving fan art that people have made from my photos. They take my images and put more appropriate backgrounds on them or make mock ups of comic book covers. I would not want anyone altering my figure like putting my head on some other body. This is me, take it or leave it.

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Piggy-backing on the last question, which character would you most want to model?

I love Terry Dodson's version of Circe from Wonder Woman. Her costume design is pretty spectacular and you can't go wrong with luscious long pink hair!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Which would be better, you are the model for a major comic book character or you have a doll/PVC figure modeled after you?

Holy cow that's a tough question. It's to say because I'm such a huge fan of Barbie but my comics addiction is pretty wild now. I guess I'd have to say modeling for a comic.

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What old video game frustrated you the most?

I've always been pretty terrible at video games so the answer would be all of them.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Better than form-spring

Thanks. I'll sign up over there. formspring does get buggy.

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I got to know you after finding you as Rogue. Rogue is my altime favorite character.How many Characters have you dressed up as? And what are they. I know you as Rogue, Powergirl and love the new WW. What other character have you been?

It all started with my original Amber the Superhero Stylist. Marvel's Black Cat, Rogue, Sue Storm, Firestar, a couple versions of X-man generic team mates, and DC's Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Power Girl, Supergirl; Dark Horse's Rumor from Umbrella Academy (but that one fell apart is "retired"); working on a Guns of Shadow Valley cowgirl and Athena Voltaire.

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What's exactly your astrological sign ? Manu :)


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How would you describe your approach to make-up (real world outside the studio)? Are you a minimalist or do you layer it on? Whose "look" do you try to mimic?

Great question! I tend to be medium with the amount but on days when I'm fighting my hives it's a different story. I try to mimic Avril Lavigne but I've noticed my eye shadows and liners getting into the small natural wrinkles under my eyes which makes them look sleepy. I'm experimenting now with putting eyeliners on my waterline instead of around my lashes all the time; dark liner and red or pink lipstick are my kind of my standard.

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Obviously your super power is being gorgeous but do you mind the constant admiring looks and attention from the male population?

It's not really that constant. I think I have just managed to associate myself with a certain quality of people who appreciate what I do. So, no I don't mind at all. If someone was bothered by people staring when they're dressed as a superhero then they shouldn't be dressed that way.

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When did you start obsessively reading comic books, and which book really hooked you in?

I only started in 2006 with Marvel's Civil War & Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Horse's Buffy the Vampire Slayer; it snowballed from there. I'd say Spidey was the one to get me hooked but I dropped him after One More Day.

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What is your absolute favourite movie, band, holiday destination?

Favorite movie is Jaws. Band? Don't really have one but I'm digging Kirby Krackle these days. Holiday Destination? Don't have one of those either but I'd like one.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whats your workout routine like to keep that amazing girlish figure you have?

Well... it was a mix of elliptical and pilates 5 days/wk but since moving and not having a gym membership, it's a big fat nothing. But thanks for noticing!

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Costuming female versions of male comic book characters is starting to become popular on the Con circuit. Have you contemplated doing one, and if so, who?

I haven't seriously thought of it but I like some of them such as Indiana Jones and Ash Williams; however, there really are plenty of female characters to choose from. To be an adventurer you could be Athena Voltaire for example. I know I'd much rather be Batgirl or Batwoman than Batman with boobs (even though the nipples would finally make sense then).

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Do you hate NJ too?

Kinda sorta. I'm homesick but that's a lot less to do with NJ and more to do with my home and the people. I lived in an adorable small town nothing like the jersey you see on tv.

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How many times a year do u go to Philly?

Not really ever. I may get to Wizard World this year but Philly is not a regular spot of mine.

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Do you usually eat cheese steak?

Not unless it's vegan cheesesteak.

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Do you drink a lot?

I drink a lot of coffee, but no not a lot of alcohol. I was off it completely but now I'm back to about 1 a wk.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Is this not the greatest website in all the internet?

I'm sure it's up for consideration.

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What is your favorite candy?

Chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate w/ peanut butter.

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Which would you rather cosplay as Silk Specter II from the Watchmen comic or from the movie?

I do like the movie version but I'd probably go with the comic.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photoshoot today

I had a great time with  Jim up in New Castle, PA shooting a pin-up version of Wonder Woman. Hopefully I'll get the pics soon and have something to share. Meanwhile, here are some behind the scenes shots.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Comic Geek Speak episodes

In case you've been missing them, I've been doing Reviews in a Flash over at Comic Geek Speak. I rate a book or two with a simple system of Loving It "fangasm" to Pass "fake it" so subscribe at itunes or download directly:

CGS eps:

  • Episode 764: (Willow, BN, Cap) 
  • Episode 742: (Dr. Horrible)
  • Episode 751: (Nemi)
  • Episode 754: (BN: Wonder Woman)

And PLEASE don't forget to order your tickets for the Supershow! I'll be working at the Guns of Shadow Booth among making my rounds with some costume changes. This year should be oodles of fun. We'll be celebrating at 3rd & Spruce at night too.

New Wonder Woman version - Should this go on my growing To Do list?

I'm so sorry if this is any kind of spoiler for those of you that are behind on reading your Blackest Night books! However, this 24-hour version of Wonder Woman as a Violet (Star Sapphire) Lantern, is pretty spectacular. Even though I completely disagree with Wonder Woman being one because I feel she'd be better suited as a different color lantern (Compassion or Willpower or even Hope), I do so love this costume design and any reason to stand out as a Wonder Woman that won't match everyone else at a con is a great idea.

I already have Star Sapphire's Carol Ferris on my To Do List. I'm now thinking of scrapping that one in exchange for this one. Both will be quite high on the difficulty scale and also high on my "self conscious" scale due to the bare belly.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mmmmm, really ? Then I think I'll come on your youtube channel more often :)Manu : P

Well, I'm never sure if the compliments on my t-shirts are really about the t-shirts. :)

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How do you Dress day to day - out and about on avg?

Depends. When I worked at fun shops like Comic Fusion and the 5&10, I wore fun things like jeans and nerd t-shirts. Now I have to do the whole business casual thing and it got old after a week. I want my jeans back. For weekends I like to be more on the punky goth side.

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Voluptuous boobs ? Where ? Where ???? :) )

Teehee. I'm sure there are some peeks at them on my youtube channel.

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Will you be my friend?

Anonymous friends are reserved for hair stylists and bartenders.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Why don't people ask me questions? heh

Hunh, I'd have to go with my generic response to charming, smart men - it's because you're missing voluptuous boobs.

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if you could have one set of superpowers, which would they be?

One set? Not fair. Probably Mind Control although I've always been a huge fan of the Jean Grey tk/tp combo, imo the best set.

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if you could have one set of superpowers, which would they be?

One set? Not fair. Probably Mind Control although I've always been a huge fan of the Jean Grey tk/tp combo, imo the best set.

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In the last year you made a huge splash in costuming, inspiring people like myself to dress up. Was or is their any cosplayers who inspired you?

Loads of costumers inspire me! That's why I joined up at the League of Heroes and the Superhero Costuming Forum. Ana Aesthetic, @Miracole, @R1ddle, Brian Parsley, Allen Hansard, @thatDJSpider, Belle Chere & her hubby Jerry and of course Ruby Rocket.

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What costume wouldn't you wear?

Out in public, that would be many of the skimpy ones like Red Sonja, Slave Leia, Lady Death; being revealing in a photoshoot has a very different sense of confidence especially knowing there's always photoshop! In general, I wouldn't want to wear a costume of a character that I don't know anything about. If I'm ever hired for something, I would do my research.

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Where in the world would you like to travel too?

At the moment, some place above 40 degrees! In general, I'd love to see as much as possible starting with the States I haven't seen (esp Hawaii) and Ireland & Scotland and more of Canada.

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Whats the kinkiest thing youre into

Honestly, nothing. Wouldn't mind exploring some public places though. Overall, I'm pretty basic and simple.

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You're using my "Hmmmm", now?It's not cryptic at all. Who's THE BEST, Love?

The Best would be Ron, in the husband category anyway. Not everyone wants to hear me say that but it's the way it is and I'm being honest.

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Who's the best, Love?

Best what? Hmmm. So cryptic. How do I respond? Costumer - there are lots but I love Belle Chere's work but it's hard to pick a "best"; best friend - Dynamic Brian @brianjames81 who still replies to my depressing texts; best girlfriend - Meghan.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Is the Baltimore convention a good one? I am have never been there but am thinking of going.

Baltimore is a great con bec it's not so big as to overwhelm but it's got everything. Goldilocks would approve. Plus the town is so nice that you can make a vaca out of it.

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You said Ask you Anything, right? OK... Who's your favorite former sister-in-law? :-) Love, JDI

Oh that's an easy one, J!!! It still rings true. Happy new year!

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Don't want to ask anything, just want to wish you a wonderfull Happy New Year !Always a fan, from France, Manu :)

Thanks, Manu!

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