Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Can we pay to see you naked? Nothing hotter than half naked heroines

You will be able to very soon! I'm hoping to make an announcement regarding my first @cosplaydeviants shoot any day now. I encourage you to sign up. There's a variety of female and male models not those cookie-cutter models from fashion shows.

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Manu Mane said...

Half-naked heroines are very sexy indeed, that's right, but Ive got a problem with that !

As a straight man, I enjoy beautiful women whatever naked or not, but according to me, you have to be careful, because it can really be inappropriate if the character's dignity is not kept ! If the photographer has a true artistic way of working, it can be very nice, if it's just a pic from Mister Amateur, it can be just vulgar : (

You can valorize Wonder Woman's beauty without drawing her - sorry - like a bitch ! Look at Adam Hughes 's work ^^ Not necessary to undress the character, the attitude, the lines, the look are sufficiant to make her sexy ! :) )

I'm on Devian Art, and I'm stuffed to see everyone drawing superheroines like Playboy models. It's a good way for having visitors or popularity, but it's boring ! Is there someone able to make a real drawing, with perspective, point of view, a landscape in the background, something a little difficult ? No interest in a caped girl with big boobs, except Power Girl, because it's so common !

I'm not puritan at all, but I can't help having a too big respect for these characters, I really don't like when the superheroines are naked, for me it can be a kind of treasom !

But it's just an opinion and everyone is free to do what he wants to, okay ! :) )

Anyway, if you decide to pose half naked, Elisabeth, don't forget to inform me, I'll have a look ;)


Amber Love said...

I think your points are valid and shared by many. On some level, I felt that way too. I saw an illustration of Wonder Woman on a stripper pole and I was horrified. That's not her! If it was Poison Ivy or Black Cat, I would not have been shocked.

I grew up with plenty of respect for nude modeling. My father had Playboys and I think it's merely a modern/digital representation of the same fine art done by the masters in oils and pastels. If people could simply wrap their brains around the concept that photography and digital arts are simply an evolution then the naked body should not be shocking to anyone.

My personal reason for wanting to do it at this point in my life is because I feel as if I lost a considerable amount of my vibrant youth when I could have been modeling to years in a bad marriage (the first one not the second one) and then wasted years being so obese. I'm not fit for professional modeling but since I feel good doing it, I'm going to. The fact that I have fans and friends who enjoy my product is pure joy to me too.

Manu Mane said...

I understand ! And let me tell you your job is surely useful to many ! It is to me, as you deliver a lot of informations about comics and their world. By reading your blog, or listening to your you tube stuff, I discovered the WWDay, and my intention is to participate this year, I'll send 3 or 4 pieces. It's important to me to work on something which can be useful, and it's a way to have a little recognition in the US, that can be a good thing, even if it's a little one. If it's useful to someone, that's the most important anyway ! Even if I have no illusions, I'm not David Finch lol....

You are beautiful, don't have any doubt about it ! Not only because you're fit now, but because you're a passionnate person, you understand and support the artist, which is not common ! And your external beauty has just joined your inner beauty ! Then, pose, you're right, give this gift to yourself !