Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When did you start obsessively reading comic books, and which book really hooked you in?

I only started in 2006 with Marvel's Civil War & Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Horse's Buffy the Vampire Slayer; it snowballed from there. I'd say Spidey was the one to get me hooked but I dropped him after One More Day.

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Manu Mane said...

I'm very surprised to learn you just began to read comics in 2006 ! I follow you for a while and I'd have thought it was a childhood passion, like it has been for me !

I also thought you were more a DC fan than a Marvel one, which one do you prefer, if you can say ?

I think the style of Marvel's artists is personal and original, and DC one's is very academical and more solid ; to study and analyse the both style is very interesting, and I would be very glad to talk or debate about that with you or every kind of people interested in this kind of topic !

In France, DC hasn't been very published, Marvel has always been very successful, because, it has something "latin" in its temper, like us ! Joe Quesada himself told it in an interview, "at Marvel's, we are italians !" And Marvel, with all its family or inner conflicts stories is closer from us, indeed. I'm not sure but I think DC has understood the interest of writing this kind of collective tragedies later, but their kind of stories seems deeper and bigger sized in this field now....

After nearly 30 years reading Marvel, I recently discovered DC stories like Infinite Crisis, Omacs Project you surely know, and so on, then Vertigo label, and I think I really prefer DC touch ! Especcially Greg Rucka's work on Wonder Woman ! Wonder Woman I discovered again by reading your blog, by the way, so for the new deep reader's and illustrator's interest I found in this character, I'll surely have to thank you one day ! But this is another story for another time :)

Please, don't be bored and perdon the length of this comment - or maybe the english mistakes - we european people talk a lot and I'm currently living in three different languages !!!! So I talk I talk I talk, a lot, to everyone and everytime, sorry ^^

But, I would be very interested in having your point of views about all that ! From specialist to specialist ! This time, I say "Ciao !" :)

Amber Love said...

There's something about DC that has a different personality almost which makes me prefer them over Marvel. I think it's more of a corporate thing I have judged based on the actual people I have met. At cons, I can go up to the people at DC and talk to them like they are just regular people but the Marvel folks are more separated from the fans, especially the more famous ones. But as far as characters and stories, each has it's moments which are strong like Blackest Night and it's weaker moments like One More Day. Some people only read one or the other and I can't be like that. I like smaller press too.

Manu Mane said...

Thank you for your answer ! :) )