Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Wonder Woman version - Should this go on my growing To Do list?

I'm so sorry if this is any kind of spoiler for those of you that are behind on reading your Blackest Night books! However, this 24-hour version of Wonder Woman as a Violet (Star Sapphire) Lantern, is pretty spectacular. Even though I completely disagree with Wonder Woman being one because I feel she'd be better suited as a different color lantern (Compassion or Willpower or even Hope), I do so love this costume design and any reason to stand out as a Wonder Woman that won't match everyone else at a con is a great idea.

I already have Star Sapphire's Carol Ferris on my To Do List. I'm now thinking of scrapping that one in exchange for this one. Both will be quite high on the difficulty scale and also high on my "self conscious" scale due to the bare belly.

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