Monday, February 01, 2010

New Website! New Look! New Name!

I'm thinking of having a contest to name my new website & secure the domain. Anyone interested? The winner will get some comics and autographed pinups of me. It should go without saying but the domain has to be available.

To get your creative gears in motion, here are some of the possible domains I have thought of:
  1. AmberLovesComics
  2. Elizabeth-Amber
  3. ThatAmber
  4. TheRealAmber
  5. AmberTheGeek
  6. AmberRevealed
  7. ExposingAmber

I just added the link to the beta version of the site over there in the Links but you can click the banner below.


Manu Mane said...

It depends on what you want to valorize.

AmberLovesComics is well to valorize you articles (it's nice to have an eaiser access on the new version), Elisabeth-Amber is neutral, ThatAmber... I'm not sure "that" is positive in english, is it ? AmberTheGeek is funny, but I think AmberRevealed, TheRealAmber, or ExposingAmber are too much pretentious : (

Suggestions ? Yes : JustAmber, or CallMeAmber !

Don't go too far with these sexy pics, okay ! ;)

Ciao ! :D

PS : you won't believe it ! The word I have to write in the form to send my comment is "sureal"! It must be a sign !

malkavius said...

how about

its available (as of 10:01 am Feb 2 2010.

It riffs on the Roger Zelazny sci-fi books (nerd cred)

Its all about you, your adventures and your well chronicles.

Amber Love said...

chroniclesofamber is neat but it's not available; neither is justamber.

What about ComicThrills? So far it's not taken and plays off the "thrills" idea of both the content inside a comic book and my pictures (which is only part of the site anyway).

Manu Mane said...

Ah yes ! ComicThrills is quite good !!!!