Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now LIVE at CosplayDeviants!

My Wonder Woman set went live last night at CosplayDeviants.com! Please check it out and add your comments letting me know what you liked. I do take feedback and criticism seriously if it's presented appropriately.

I hope to team up with another girl some day to do a Wonder Woman "vs" set. One of the photographers I've met out here works with several girls who would be perfect. Just have to get that Cheetah outfit for her!

I owe big thanks to the folks that helped make this happen: Nova, Dave, Ron, Bryan, Brian, Bob and all my friends and family that have supported me through my weight issues. Thank you!!!

1 comment:

Manu Mane said...

Nothing more likeable to wake up and see a beautiful girl to begin the day ! :) )

Well I've just seen this one, the previous, and the one which they call "Amazon" on their introduction page.

I think they're good pictures. My favourite is this Amazon, because your posture express a lot of self confidence, and your smile is bright, this is my vision of Wonder Woman !

The one you posted for this article is nice because it refers to Marylin Monroe, who's the eternal symbol we all know.

The previous is the most sexy, due to the posture and a kind of intimacy.

It's a nice job !