Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surprised no one's asked you this yet on Formspring that you're a full Deviant, what's the plan for your next set? *pleasesayroguepleasesayroguepleasesayroguepleasesayroguepleasesayrogue*

Haha, I do hope to tackle Rogue some day. Luckily, since Rogue is a character that has so many different costumes, more than one of us can be her. I already started on a Rogue swimsuit but I got stumped with the instructions and it's been sitting there in pieces ever since.

I have already submitted Sue Storm (Fantastic 4) and Steampunk Alice in Wonderland to the admins. They have tons of new sets so I don't know the release schedule. I have a very long list of "want to do" for @cosplaydeviants including Firestar, Star Sapphire, Catwoman and Black Widow. "Want to do" doesn't mean that they'll get approved though or that someone won't beat me to it first.

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Troy Hickman said...

This is my favorite Rogue costume, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing it:

Amber Love said...

Oy! I remember seeing that one when I doing research. A girl probably could've gotten that off the rack back in 1985.

Bunche said...

I cast a vote in favor of the original Michael Golden outfit, the one with the hood. Ever see Adam Hughes' take on it?

Amber Love said...

The only one with the hood I know of is the green and white outfit.