Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What's the nicest compliment you've ever received about a costume you've made/worn?

When the son of Wonder Woman's creator told me he wants me to play her in the movie! Best compliment ever.

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Bunche said...

When I went as 1950's bad movie icon Ro-Man from ROBOT MONSTER (1953) for Halloween a couple of years ago, I was stopped wherever I went in NYC by people on the street and on the subway who demanded — and I do mean DEMANDED — to be photographed by me. While easy to craft, the costume was only about 95% accurate, but nobody minded and tons of hot costumed revelers draped themselves all over me during photo ops. But best of all was when a gaggle of very cute German tourists who were also serious bad movie fans approached me and gushed over how they never expected to see someone dressed up as Ro-Man. They posed with me for numerous photos and one of them drunkenly and sloppily planted a Frenchie on me through the helmet's open visor area (I'd removed the visor to avoid it fogging up while I breathed in the helmet). All in all, a good night!