Sunday, May 09, 2010

Marvel's Black Cat commission

These pictures are of a suit that I've made for someone else so it's a bit baggy on me because the customer is much taller than I am. I just had to try it on because I was so happy with how it came out and I think it makes for a better picture when you can see someone in an outfit even if it isn't perfect.

The customer commissioned just the black bodysuit in the style worn by Marvel's Black Cat, Felicia Hardy. I am not responsible for any of the accessories nor the fur trim which the customer will be adding later. So basically, I had it pretty easy but after having my confidence shaken a few times, I was nervous about delving back into taking commissions.

As usual, I used a Kwik Sew figure skating pattern as my base. I only had minor modifications for the leg length, neckline and front zipper. You can see me testing the neckline/cleavage in the picture to the right.

Here are my suggestions for the other elements of the suit if anyone else is looking to put one together (links naturally may break after original posting due other people's website dynamics):

Wig: I've switched from bestwigoutlet to because the prices are usually better; it's just harder to navigate around the site looking for color swatches but price usually wins. Plus cosworx is somehow related to which has a trading post/marketplace forum where you can find used and new wigs (and lots of other things).

Mask: I use Lance at for that; he offers the perfect mask for Black Cat or Ms. Marvel among all of his other work. I do find that ordering takes a long time so keep that in mind.

Variations: Sometimes Black Cat has white boots and white gloves with the fur; other times black. You can avoid getting fur installed on the legs if you purchase boots with santa style fur trimming:

This leaves fur for the gloves/sleeves and the collar.


Ryoko said...

Thank you so much for posting the link to the superhero masks! I've been looking for the perfect mask for my own Black Cat costume for months, and I don't have the resources to make my own latex mask. Again, thank you so much!<3 That costume's looking great, BTW!

tilly moore said...

so your catsuit looks more like a jumpsuit...and it bunches.
it looks cheap and tacky ans is made of the wrong fabric...i mean come on a pvc wet look catsuit is not that expensive.
your wig is awful and aside from not being a proper cosplay wig its blonde and straight...
havent you ever heard of arda wigs???
you of all people should not be giving fashion tips.
superhero cosplays have standards which you arent even trying to meet.
unless you actually begin trying to enter the league of a good superhero cosplayer keep these pics off of the internet.
you're embarrassing yourself sweetheart.
even my black cat looks 10 times better...10 times sexier than this...

Amber Love said...


All this does is show you as a jackass.

The suit bunches because it's NOT for me. It's to someone else measurements.

It's not wet look, it's milliskin because that's what THE CUSTOMER chose from samples.

The wig is PURE WHITE from Vogue Wigs, Arda is for anime.

YOU'RE what's wrong with cosplay, not me. It's about finding a craft. It's about enjoying fandom. It's about connecting with other people.

You also need to learn how comments work because you sent it four times. Maybe you need an internet lesson from a 5 year old.

Jesse said...

Eh. not defending the jackass above but Arda isn't just for Anime they do have some good wigs for heros. I know of a few people who use them. You just have to be careful because they aren't always the best. People sing their praises because tells them too.

Amber Love said...

Jesse, I only have 2 Arda wigs on my wishlist. They tend to have styles that scream "COSTUME" is what I meant. I generally look for real wearable styles that happen to be the color I want.

Anonymous said...

The ass hole above is going by professional standards. I spend hundreds on costumes but I do that as my job. This is not the best quality and honestly curling that wig and treating that shine with some fabric softener would make it look better , but I'm saying this to help her improve not bash her hobby. Cosplay takes so long to perfect anyways not everyone will be perfect and so sexy your panties explode from excitement.