Friday, July 02, 2010

The "New" Wonder Woman 600 video commentary


Christopher Butler said...

Hey, great critique of the new costume. I am in total agreement! The new look sucks out all the drama from the character.

Take a look at my blog, I did a version of wonder woman that, while extreme, is more of the epic, mythological direction I'd prefer. Its a little Deja Thoris... But a bit savage, dangerous looking. :)

Great site!

Nerd said...


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your review. Personally I hope that the attention will be a positive thing and will get new readers to check out some of WW's older/greater stories, like Greg Rucka's run. For me, although the changes seem very drastic right now, I'm waiting for Straczynski first arc to be published on WW before I give my judgment whether it's good or bad. Maybe his run will be awesome. Either way, they say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. We'll see :)

idrawtoons said...

Great comments on WW 600. I have to agree totally on your view of the new direction of our favorite amazon. I can't think of a move in comics that has bummed me out more. I hope the negative backlash is deafening! She is such a great character and only needs the right writer to bring this out. I can't see pros like Geoff Johns who is almost singlehandedly restoring all of DC characters to their iconic versions, liking this move. I wish some pros would speak up. I mean, would they but Batman in a leather jacket? Anyway, thanks for the video, keep it up!

DarkTouch said...

I started reading WonderWoman back after the last reboot. I liked the direction they were going by bringing back her Rogues Gallery, reintroducing the invisible Jet as a Stealth fighter, putting in a Secret Agent love interest, etc. Basically setting her older continuity back into place in a way that made sense. Somewhere along the way a lot of that went to pot.

I have hopes that somewhere along the way of finding her way back to the original timeline she'll relearn all of her powers, get her jet back, and meet a new secret agent.

Except I hope she doesn't fly. Having a magic rope isn't as cool if you don't have to swing on it. Having an invisible jet isn't as cool if you don't have to fly it.