Friday, September 17, 2010

More costume tutorials uploaded

Picnic Rogue

Traditional Rogue

Dex-Starr Rage Kitty

Black Cat


Cderosby said...

The traditional Rogue kicks some major ass. She was one of my favorites (have you thought about doing Psyloche?) Haven't read any X-Men titles in years, but that brought me back. Thanks.

Amber Love said...

Thanks! And no, I can't say that I've considered Psylocke.

Cderosby said...

Just saying. Purple hair, black leather, the katana.

Amber Love said...

I love purple but on my real self. I need to have some kind of connection with a character unless some person/company were strictly hiring me to wear something. Since what I wear is my choice, I look for characters that I enjoy.

Cderosby said...

Well you're spot on with the characters you've picked. Your Sue Storm is spot on, and you really nailed the Rogue costume.