Monday, October 18, 2010

News of Amber Unmasked

I should be finding out soon when Newsarama posts their interview with me at NYCC where I spoke about NJ's Wonder Woman Day. There will be other coverage on Raging Bullets, CGS, hopefully CNI, and GeekSyndicate. 

Also just did an interview with Panel Surfing's @ - still blows my mind anyone wants to interview ME. I do the interviewing!

Speaking of interviewing, check out my series with some of our participating artists. I've posting one each day.

If you aren't keeping up, our superhero weekend featuring WWD is this coming weekend, Oct 23-24th at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ.

The following weekend (Halloween weekend) I will be a guest at the Great Allentown Comic Con on Oct 30th! 

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Manu said...

Elisabeth, your comittment and your action as in the cosplay, as in the different worlds related to comics, and also in charity actions deserve the interest of the journalist. I'm just happy to read that they put their eye on you. It's deserved ! Congratulations :)