Thursday, October 21, 2010

What do you enjoy most about doing your shoots?

I get to feel like a real movie star during a shoot. If you've ever flipped through a mag like Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone or Playboy, then you'd see the celebrity shoots. For a few hours, I get to feel like that I'm that pretty, that popular, and that interesting to people. With my shoots, I was very lucky that I had become friends with the photographers quickly and always had a friend with me so after any anxiety, I really would relax and have a lot fun. I'm essentially a big goofball once you get to know me.

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Cderosby said...

...I can't believe somebody asked you that. You rock 38. I'm 39 and look like poo on a stick.

Cderosby said...

posted that under the wrong article. Sorry. That was meant for that "saggy boobs" comment someone said to you.

Amber Love said...

I figured as much =)