Monday, November 08, 2010

Are there any original characters cosplay ideas you would like to develop and shoot? Do you ever get asked to model for aspiring creators to promote their original characters?

Steve Bryant didn't ask me to, but I've spent years trying to acquire the right pieces for ATHENA VOLTAIRE (@stevebryantart). They may have been joking but @KirbyKrackle and I discussed me becoming their mascot which is on my To Do list for January or February. My very first superhero costume is my original character but I've also sketched out original versions for steampunk designs (I just don't have the prop making skills to do them). The character generator in City of Heroes is really the only reason I play the game. I've also worked with @citizenDave and @kfreeman13 to promote their comics but not specifically as their characters.

Ask me anything but seriously think twice about rude or insulting remarks.

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Cderosby said...

I'd love to see you try a steampunk series. There were a few really great costumes I saw on other blogs and with the quality of your work I think that genre would suit you well.