Monday, November 08, 2010

As for full cosplay I meant getting into a full character (hero or otherwise). I would imagine Wonder Woman since that is the one I have seen you with the most, but would that be part of an ideal shoot?

I don't have an ultimate superhero shoot per se. Doing a great cheesecake shoot would be tops. Then I'd love to experience the real Hollywood style full blown set shoots for fun characters that I would not normally consider doing like Jungle Girl, Lady Death or Red Sonja (anytime I can play with swords is fun). Just no way would I seriously do them now but Hollywood special f/x go a long way. If I could do an entire series of Wonder Woman, I'd love to be decked in different versions of her costumes like her simple Island dress to armored warrior but it would be great to battle Ares. I've also never gotten to do a shoot with anyone else to play off of (Ooo, bad preposition at the end of a sentence *gasp*) . One of my visions for Ace would be to mentally torture the Joker with Batman in the background. The episode of JLU got pretty dark.

Ask me anything but seriously think twice about rude or insulting remarks.

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