Monday, January 24, 2011

I get introduce art students to superheroes

I've been having a great time modeling at several art schools and colleges in my region. The instructor of one of the figure study classes was intrigued by my collection of costumes and asked me to bring one for the Tuesday class. This is a big departure from the figure modeling they're used to seeing. The students can use any medium.

Since I want to bring along something where I don't have to pack a ton of accessories, I'm just going to bring a generic suit along with a nice pair of boots. No wigs, belts, gloves, etc. This blue suit was made with the intention of selling it but I don't think a few hours of wear on a stage will degrade it in the least. It makes me think of the Ultimate Fantastic Four and Blue Lantern Corps. I really like it with the white go-go boots. I considered red ones but the white is a great contrast.

If you haven't checked, I've updated what I'm pretty sure is my 2011 convention schedule, I'm hoping that once my short stories are published I'll get to add some appearances at comic shops and book stores if there's any interest.


Shybiker said...

I love your blog! It's so interesting.

My relationship to female-clothing has an inherent element of cosplay in it, so your actual embrace of that creative form is instructive. Reading some of your posts has taught me lessons. Thanks for that!

CCG Coordinator said...

You are right - very close to the light and reflection pattern in the costumes of the ultimates line of comics. Well chosen material! But it looks hotter than heck! Hope it's not too uncomfortable to wear - does it breath or stretch?
I'm excited that the art instructor realized the opportunity he had before him! Lots of folks can be art models but not many come with their own collection of costumes. All with different textures, reflectivity, color and challenge the artists in new and exciting ways!
Happy cosplay modeling!
J.Gilpin CCG Coordinator

Amber Love said...

I was a little disappointed that the instructor changed his mind about me posing in my cool blue supersuit. However the one museum I model for has another model that loves costumes and apparently she wears them. It's not a comic thing but it sounds like she makes things more interesting for them to paint. Maybe after I complete this series with them, they'll a) rebook me and b) allow me to wear something very cool.