Saturday, February 26, 2011

What do you favor more, Comic books or Manga/anime?

American comics are for me even though all the animation is done overseas. I just don't like "most" of the manga styles I've seen. I prefer the European be-de over Japanese manga/anime. The ones I do like that are not typically "American" in style would be Disney's W.I.T.C.H. (Italian, I think), Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Yu-Gi-Oh but I normally can't stand anything manga/anime. I also find the cosplay "kids" at cons tend to be off-the-chart obnoxious because they're ramped up on sugar and adrenaline and away from their parents. Maybe I'm just old but get me with a group of spandex clad Avengers for some whiskey drinking and I'm in a happy place. As for the comics, I stick with some traditional reading: IDW, DC, Marvel, Image, Dynamite and small press publishers. Since it's the industry I'm in, networking with people already experienced has introduced me to a huge world of indie comics; they're not usually superhero genre and are still American comics.

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Manu said...

Hello you ! Which european be-de do you know ?

Amber Love said...

W.I.T.C.H. was European from what I read about it. It was a great cartoon that had books but they weren't full comics; they were books that had a few comic pages in each one.

Manu said...

I've never heard about this. After a quick sufing on Wikipedia, I confirm it's half italian, half french, but in my opinion, it looks too much manga stylized to be really representative of european comic. Even if we know a big mixing of styles now.

We have a lot of different kind of comics, and different styles in Europe, like in the US in fact. A lot of humoristical stuff, but usually, I don't really like the drawings. My preference goes to some kind of "serious" pieces.

Will you permit me to invite you and your readers to take an eye to these ones, among a huge production :)

- "Corto Maltese" from the belgan Hugo Pratt.

- "Largo Winch" from the belgan Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Francq.

- ALL the works of our french Yoda, Mr Jean Giraud also named Moëbius :)

- And the "Bouncer" from another great french star François Boucq, especcially - I remember you like westerns.

Hope you all will like them, and want to discover more. These are classics for us :)

burbujitabebe said...

i prefer manga, i´m now reading slum dunk and i like too naruto or death note
i read some comics, i like one that is called the runaways